Hi guys! Just a little announcement before we proceed with today’s entry: I don’t really know if you’ve noticed this, but nowadays it takes me a while to update this blog or post some of my entries. Well the reason for this is because I finally got myself a job last month… And sometimes I don’t even have the remaining energy to resume making/editing since I get so exhausted after doing my work. So sorry!! T__T I’m still gonna try my best to keep this blog updated regularly, though >_<

Moving on—I had an early dinner with mom at Lunchbox today. I decided to check this place out after one of my mom’s friends had lunch at this place several months ago. Good thing it wasn’t that hard to find—We actually couldn’t decide at first if we wanted to dine here or the other restaurants in the area.

This is the best I can do with the interior… -_- The walls were super drab. They didn’t even have any posters or pictures on them. I was also trying my best not to get any pictures of the family seated next to us. >_<

They also have a tiny bakery that serves cookies, cakes, bread pudding, and pies.

Menu: Soups & stews (French onion soup, fresh fungus soup), Sweet sandwiches (Berries & cream, PB&J, milquetoast), Salads & starters (Asian slaw, summer salad), Savory sandwiches (Chicken & lime remoulade, grilled cheese please), Hearty meals (Mom’s meatloaf, fish & chips), All-day breakfast, Fresh pastas (Tinapasta), Sweets (Peanut butter chocolate banana cream, warm cookies & almond flavored milk), Bakery goods (Sweet & salty chocolate chip cookies, pain de mie), Caffeine (Minted hot chocolate, iced nutella latte), Sides & extras, Drinks (Pineapple & mint, herbal sodas)

Just look at this thing. CUTEST! MENU! EVER! I couldn’t help but let out a little squee of delight while browsing through it.

Pesto & Shrimp pasta. I love the thinness of the flat pasta noodles. Really savory. It only had a few pieces of shrimp, though. And those pieces were really tiny too. You may think that this is just a small serving, but trust me… There’s a lot!

Big Boy Burger, with a small plate of chips and soup. The patty and buns were delicious (not to mention super filling) but the onions were a tad spicy. Or maybe that’s the garam masala. Don’t expect your hands to be 100% clean after eating this.

… Oh, and I had this potted plant for dessert too. But that’s because this isn’t an actual potted plant, but their Chocolate & mint potted pudding. A thin layer of vanilla cake, topped with a huge helping of chocolate fudge and a crust composing of chocolate bits. Plus a sprig of mint leaves on top. I was hoping that they would infuse more mint flavors into the crust or the fudge, but sadly, there wasn’t any. But I would definitely recommend this dish for chocoholics, hehe.

Graham milkshake. Thank goodness this wasn’t one of those cloying and super-thick milkshakes. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish this since I was already feeling very full, not to mention I was already suffering from a massive sugar coma because of the potted pudding.

Despite the lack of interior decorating, Lunchbox makes up for it their amazing (and affordable!) food. I am looking forward to my second visit there so I could try more of their yummy, home-cooked dishes.

Lunchbox is located at Ronac Art Center, Greenhills.


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