I thought it was impossible at first, but we were finally able to locate and eat lunch at the hard-to-find Wabi-Sabi Noodle House in Makati. We found it during our second attempt at trying to spot the building where it was situated… It was not an easy task.

Then after that, I got a second wave of hesitation and was secretly close to giving up and picking another restaurant instead, since the building was dark and looked really, really shady (like a dimly-lit, seedy bar/pub area)… But we found it.

Interior. The place was a bit small.

Chopsitcks and condiments.

I’m guessing they sell these to customers….


Viet Pho. You can really taste the coriander/cilantro flavor in the broth. It had rice noodles, LOTS of beansprouts, lettuce shreds, tender beef slices, pork cracklings, and tofu. It wasn’t so bad.

Then I had their Banh My. It was good, but the cucumber flavor was quite overpowering (I could still taste it even after removing the cucumber slice). We also ordered some Pot Stickers, but I only got to try once piece… Ugh.

For my drink, I had their Thai iced tea. It was… Meh. It lacked the sweetness that I usually look for in Thai iced tea. On the left, is their Lemongrass iced tea.

My parents had the Shoyu Ramen. Mom also had their kuapao. The kuapao was tasty, and the crushed peanuts give it a nice crunchy texture.

Hmmm. Honestly, the food wasn’t that delicious, but it didn’t taste too nasty either. The location also makes it a bit hard to find, not to mention the surroundings seem quite unwelcoming. But if you want to try Wabi-Sabi’s vegetarian dishes, then feel free to do so. ^^

Wabi-Sabi is located at the The Collective, 774 Malugay St., San Antonio, Makati. Tel no: (02) 519-3950.


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