We ended up having lunch here after finding out that our first choice, Yedang, was closed for their afternoon break and won’t open up until 5PM. Since my dad had a dental appointment at around 4PM, we couldn’t stay and wait until it opened. So we ate at Ba-Be-Q instead. To be honest, I always think about dining in this restaurant whenever I pass by their branch in A-Venue. I was also surprised when I found out that they had a branch in Metrowalk as well.

It was past 12, so as expected; the place was a bit empty.

Not a lot of stuff on their menu… *sigh* They serve both Korean and Filipino grilled dishes. But they focus more on their Korean fare.

I’m not sure what this is, since I only know a handful of Korean characters, but…I’m guessing this is also the menu except translated into Korean?

They didn’t have bulgogi in their menu, so we had samgyupsal instead. It was very flavorful, but I think we cooked it way too much so it ended up getting dry and rather crispy in the end. They also have an eat-all-you-can samgyupsal promo.

We also had their grilled chicken. I didn’t get to try this one, but my mom says that the meat was really tender and had the right amount of saltiness.

So this is my first time trying kimchi jjigae—Its soup had a rather sour, spicy taste. It also had bits of sliced kimchi, pork, and tofu cubes floating in it. I loved it, though, even if I don’t really like sour soups that much. The other thing that I loved is that the ceramic bowl and its contents stay piping hot through the entire meal. I practically burned my tongue while sipping their jjigae soup.

A bowl of steamed eggs!

Lots and lots of banchan, plus cooked rice, lettuce leaves, and a sesame oil dipping sauce for our samgyupsal.

This meal definitely tasted 50% more authentic than the last Korean restaurant that I dined in. However… I was disappointed with the lack of other types of Korean (and Filipino!) food on their menu.

Ba-Be-Q is located at the ground floor of Metrowalk, Ortigas Pasig City. You can also find them at A-Venue in Makati.


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