Zao Vietnamese Bistro

On Sunday, we had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in Eastwood called Zao Vietnamese Bistro. I haven’t had pho soup and spring rolls in a long time, so I decided to just dine here instead of the usual choice (that would be Kogi Bulgogi)….

…. Plus I love their interior too.

Menu: Appetizers (appetizer sampler, fresh rolls, Zao satay platter, sugar cane shrimps), Salads (pomelo salad, tenderloin salad), Soups (shrimp and pork noodle soup), Vietnamese BBQ (Zao barbecue platter, barbecue spareribs, grilled honey tenderloin), Poultry & meat (caramelized chicken wings, shaking beef, Vietnamese beef stew), Seafood (caramelized garlic prawns, firecracker prawns, deep fried catfish, lemongrass fish), House specialties (rib eye steak, Zao’s crispy lapu-lapu, green mango lapu-lapu, tamarind prawns), Char-grilled noodle bowls (Zao bowl, garlic butter glazed shrimps), Vegetables (water spinach with tofu, stuffed tofu), Rice & noodles (Saigon fried rice, seafood in claypot, pork fried rice), Sides, Dessert (calamansi tart, espresso gateau de crepe), and Drinks, which includes Vietnamese gourmet coffee (the Vietnamese filter, Vietnamese iced coffee).

Cool and refreshing Lychee iced tea for my drink, plus Fried spring rolls for our appetizer. Was expecting to taste some sliced veggies and vermicelli noodles after taking the first bite—Instead, I got ground pork. It was good, but we should’ve ordered the fresh rolls instead…

Saigon pork chop. It was alright, the pork was really tender, but I’ve been eating a lot of pork lately so even though I liked this dish, I still felt a tiny amount of queasiness after eating.

Zao Pho. Now, I’ve eaten quite a number of pho soups, but I have to say… This is one of my favorites. The soup wasn’t oily, with a very light taste. The beef slices were tender, as well as the meatballs. It also had the right amount of sliced onions and coriander.

While my dad had the Seafood Pho.

I really wanted to try their Jasmine Rice Pudding for dessert, but unfortunately, it wasn’t available. Ugh! And not everyone in my family is a huge fan of chocolate, so I didn’t get to try their chocolate cake dessert as well.

Zao is a really lovely place with accommodating staff, chic interiors and good food. I would recommend this restaurant if you want to have lunch or dinner with your friends or family at a nice yet classy environment.

Zao Vietnamese Bistro is located at Eastwood City Walk 1, Eastwood Ave, Bagumbayan, Quezon City. You can also find them at Shangri-La Mall and Serendra. Tel nos: (02) 470-7587.

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