Nomama Artisanal Ramen

On Christmas day, I had an unexpected lunch with some of my relatives here at Nomama’s second branch in Capitol Commons. This branch just opened last week. Since it’s a holiday, the place had to close down really early—Good thing we were fortunate enough to become a part of this ramen place’s hungry lunch crowd.

Interior shots. Wasn’t able to get a shot of the second floor… Oh, and I did I mention that I left my camera AGAIN? Maybe I need to keep it in my room all the time so I won’t forget… I should make that a New Year’s Resolution or something… Grrr -_- Anyway, It was a little bit humid inside, but that’s because they were still working on the air conditioning. And by the way, Nomama owner Chef Him Uy de Baron himself was there to entertain the guests, which was pretty cool. ^^


Menu: To Start With (edamame hummus with chips, tuna spring rolls with spicy ponzu and arugula, tuna tataki and soba salad), Noodles (ox tongue and chili tofu ramen, Thai green curry ramen, prawn red curry noodle stir fry), Something Else (kitayama flank steak, tonkatsu pizza, teppanyaki vegetables, Nomama seafood), Sides (organic brown rice, kobacha and potato puree), Dessert (apple gyoza with condiments, flourless chocolate cake with miso salted caramel), Beverages (softdrinks, Bundaberg, beer, bayani brew, tea, loose pouch).

(Many thanks to my uncle and my cousin for helping me with the food pics!!)

For my appetizer, I had their Pork Gyoza.

I also had their Wagyu beef cheek ramen. The milk-based broth had a nice, creamy consistency, with a tiny hint of spiciness. The noodles were thin and chewy too. The square piece of nori and poached egg were alright. But what really stood out was this giant hunk of beef floating in the middle of my bowl. Honestly, I’m still having a hard time believing that this is Wagyu, since this is kinda cheap for a dish with Wagyu in it (and as far as I know, Wagyu is supposed to be suuuuuuper duper expensive). But Wagyu or not … This is definitely one of the most tender pieces of beef that I have eaten. The meat melts in your mouth!

As usual, my dad had the Tantanmen.

My mom had the Sticky tori karaage with orange miso and young garlic with a cup of Japanese rice. This one was good too—The chicken skin was light and crispy, and the sauce was delicious and slightly sweet. I’m planning to order this when we come back.

Meanwhile, my relatives tried the tofu fries, Nomama ramen, all-prawn tempura…

… And also their pork tonkatsu with Japanese slaw, their chilli garlic glazed chicken with soy caramel, and the half-cooked tuna steak. Not too sure if I got those names correctly… >_< Oh, and it also took a while for their orders to arrive, for some reason. Tsk tsk.

Although there’s still room for service improvement, the food at Nomama was absolutely heavenly. And I’m really glad that they decided to open up their second branch at Capitol Commons, so we don’t have to travel all the way to QC just to try their food. I just hope my relatives enjoyed their meal too ^^;

Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas! Because I sure did ^^

Nomama Artisanal Ramen is located at Capitol Commons, Meralco Ave. corner Shaw Blvd. Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Their original branch can be found at the ground floor of FSS Bldg 2, Scout Tuason cor Scout Castor St., Quezon City.


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