My Thai

The three of us had a late lunch (or early dinner?) at My Thai earlier today, since I needed to get home early because of work. This isn’t my parents’ first time dining in this restaurant, though… But I myself was a little bit happy since I’ll finally get the opportunity to try their dishes. (and it’s been a while since I had Thai food.)

Menu: Soups & Appetizers (shrimps with hot & sour soup, pork sate with peanut sauce, tom yom goong), Salad (yam so oo, yam pla neua, pomelo & shrimp salad), Pad Thai Noodles (pad see ew), Delicious Thai Curries (fish fillet), Main Courses (Thai style grilled boneless chicken, pork belly with lemon grass, chicken and pandan leaves, stir-fried chicken in hot basil, squid stir fry with garlic and pepperoni), Rice (khau pad goong, khau pad siam, khap pat brou), Desserts (top tim grub, tago haew), and Beverages.

I had a glass of their Thai iced milk tea.

Thai fish cakes. Slightly small, and a bit cold when it was served to us. The texture and taste were alright though.

Crispy fish fingers with green chili dip. This was also served cold. Hmmm. It came with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce, which wasn’t spicy at all, but that’s alright. The fish was a little bit crunchy, with a rather chewy consistency.

Chicken Pad Thai. The noodles were thin, and the peanut sauce didn’t overpower the entire dish. This pad thai was decent. Not good, just decent.

For our dessert, we had their sticky rice with mangoes. The rice was slightly bland, and some of the mango pieces were sour.

I enjoyed my meal here, but the food wasn’t that overwhelming. Basically it’s just your typical Thai restaurant. But if Thai food happens to be your favorite type of cuisine, then feel free to give My Thai a try.

My Thai is located at the G/F of Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 709-2127.


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