Johnny Chow

We are ending the year with a trip to Resorts’ World Manila, and an early lunch at Johnny Chow. I have dined at Johnny Chow during one of my past birthday celebrations, and being wowed by the restaurant’s cool atmosphere.

If I remember correctly, this restaurant is the brainchild of the same people behind Sumo Sam and Mr. Kurosawa, so expect the interiors to be nice and classy.

Menu: Soups from the Southeast, Good karma salads, Starters from Buddha, Raging bulls, Great wall of chicken, Pork dynasty, 20,000 leagues under the sea, From noodles to nirvana, Vegetables of good fortune, Life is like a bowl of rice, Dragon dimsum, Desserts for my concubines(!), and drinks . Almost all of Johnny Chow’s dishes have quirky names that refer to Chinese pop culture and Chinese movies.

… Before we move on to the chow (hehe), I just want to say that I’m really glad their staff service has improved. Coz the last time we ate here, we had to wait for around 30 minutes before all of our food was served -_-

Charlie Chan, which is deep fried beef strips coated with a sticky, citrusy orange sauce, and carrot slices. I like to think of this dish as the opposite of lemon chicken. ^^; Delicious, but the sauce can get a little bit too cloying at times.

Johnny Chow Fried Rice. As the name suggests, this is Johnny Chow’s version of yang chow fried rice.

For some dimsum, we ordered Xiao Long Bao and Har Gao. Accompanied with a glass of cold soya milk.

And finally, the Chuck Norris, which is simply just a piece of grilled salmon fillet and veggies. Bleh. To think this dish was a little bit pricey, too…

The food was great, but it is a little bit overpriced. ._. I wouldn’t mind eating here again, though… Probably if someone treats me for a free lunch or dinner, hehe ^^;

Johnny Chow is located at the 2nd Floor of Newport Mall/Resort’s World Manila, Cybertourism Zone, Newport Blvd Domestic Airport, Pasay City. Tel no: (02) 659-2353.


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