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Miso Ten

… And so instead of dining at a Chinese restaurant to celebrate the Lunar New Year, we ended up having lunch at yet another ramen place instead. I wanted to try this place ever since I spotted their ad while walking around Robinson’s Magnolia, where this resto is located… And I also had strong ramen cravings at that moment (Thanks to that one episode of David Chang’s ‘Mind of a Chef’).


Menu: Ramen (Miso Ten spicy, sesame miso), Ramen special sets, Set Meals, Tendon (excellent tendon, seafood tendon, vegetable tendon, mini tendon), Tendon sets, Ala carte (tori karaage, yasai itame, pork chasyu, chahan), Salad (mango kani), and Drinks.

My parents had the Miso Ten Original ramen.

I tried their Tonkotsu ramen. The broth was quite oily, but delicious. The chasyu pieces were soooooo tender. The thin noodles tasted awesome too.

Gyoza. I really love it when the gyoza pieces are huge, and the amount of filling overpowers the thickness or thinness of the gyoza skins.

The Tempura is a bit small, but delicious and light. It could use a little bit more breading, too.

Eh, the food was fine. But it’s definitely worth a try of you love freshly-made tempura and ramen. ^^

Miso Ten is located at the 2nd floor of Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd Valencia, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 442-5914. You can also find them at Robinson’s Place Manila. Visit their official Facebook page!

Tori Box

Finally got the chance to eat dinner at Tori Box after a long, grueling two-day trip to Tagaytay with some relatives. This restaurant is located in a narrow yet busy street in San Juan. I wanted to try their tonkatsu after it was featured in one of my go-to websites for food and restaurants.

The interior is a bit quirky, with shelves filled with knickknacks, books, dolls, and signboards written in Korean.

Menu: Katsu (pork, fish, chicken, cheese, mapo, spicy) Karaage/Platter, Appetizers and Salads (pan fried gyoza, sautéed shitake with egg and garlic, ika fry appetizer), Sides, Pastas and Sandwiches (kani mayo sandwich, tori katsu sandwich, chicken teriyaki toast, beef yakiniku pita), Ramen (spicy kara-age ramen, katsu ramen, chicken miso ramen), Grilled (rice toppings, teppanyaki), Waffles and Stuff (eggs & waffles, very blueberry, peanut nutella), and Beverages (hot coffee, frozen iced tea, iced coffee, frozen coffee, non-coffee based drinks, frozen blends)

For our appetizer, we had the Cheesy Mayo Gyoza. Delicious, but the taste of the cheese was slightly overpowering.

Dad had a nice, hot bowl of their Tori Katsudon.

Mom tried their Tori-Q Pesto.

I tried two dishes—First is their Tonkatsu, which goes really well with a cup of plain rice. Its’ not really up to par with the other Tonkatsu dishes I’ve tried, but it’s still delicious.

I also had their Kara-age Pop. This dish is served with a small sauce dish filled with sour cream powder, which you can sprinkle on top of your Kara-age. You can choose the flavor of the powder too.

For my drink, I had a smoothie called the Cherry Berry. I love this! It was sweet and tasted refreshing at the same time! The cream goes really well with the sweet cherry flavor. And I love that they put this inside a jar instead of a glass, hehe.

I can honestly say that I was surprised! I didn’t expect that I would end up eating a full meal here, since I thought Tori Box only served tonkatsu and chicken as snack options. I would recommend this restaurant to those who love Japanese food, and cute, yet peculiar architecture.

Tori Box is located at 403 F Calderon St, cor J Abad Santos, Little Baguio, San Juan. You can also find them at the 2nd floor of One Archer’s Place in DLSU.

Pino Resto Bar & Pipino Vegetarian Food

I have always wanted to eat at these two Filipino restaurants ever since they were featured on a TV show several months ago. The difference between Pino and Pipino is that Pino offers Filipino food (with a different spin), while Pipino caters to vegetarians/vegans (but they serve Filipino food as well!).

Interior. I find it interesting that Pipino’s space is a lot smaller than its “twin” resto.

Pino’s Menu: Salad (chicken insasal ceasar salad), Pino starters (nori cheese sticks, tofu balls, mini sisig tacos, ginataang bopis), Main course (kalderetang lengua, Pino chicken inasal, adobong Sarsi chicken egg, crispy pata with laing), Pino favorites (kare-kareng bagnet, coffee-crusted beef belly), Pasta (spicy tuyo pesto, seafood gambas aligue)

Pipino’s Menu: Starters and small plates (brown rice rolls, tofu lemongrass skewers), Salad (wicked walnut), Main course (portobello inasal, squash risotto, tofu satay), Vegan Filipino (vegetable kare-kare, brown rice champorado), Pasta & noodles (vegan lasagna, kale malunggay pesto), Burgers (chickpea burger, black bean burger).

I have to admit, Pipino’s menu items are a lot more interesting… Prolly because I’m not really familiar with vegan/vegetarian food *_*

Sisig Carbonara. Al dente pasta with bits of sisig and ham. Delicious, but it could honestly use a little more salt.

Buffalo Chicken Skin. Very crispy, and very tangy – The dip helps remove some of the chicken skin’s sharpness.

Spiced Sweet Potato Chips. I don’t eat sweet potatoes, but I really loved this appetizer! The honey mustard dip compliments the lovely, thin-sliced potatoes so well.

My parents ate the Binakol

… And the Buckwheat Pancit Canton, which was the only thing we ordered from Pipino’s menu.

I really, really love the different twists that Pino (and Pipino) puts into ordinary Filipino cuisine. Their unique dishes are definitely a must-try. In fact, I might just try more of Pipino’s vegetarian offerings when I come back! ^^

Pino Resto Bar and Pipino Vegetarian Food are located at 38 Jupiter St. corner Planet St., Makati. Visit Pipino’s official website, and Like Pino on Facebook.


Had a light dinner at Sandwicheese this evening. As the name of this quaint little diner suggests, they specialize in sandwiches, burgers, sides, and rice dishes with one common ingredient… Cheese! Which makes this place a paradise for cheese lovers everywhere. ^^


Here’s the interior. We were seated right next to a father-and-son duo, and I’m assuming that the son is also a food blogger since he kept asking the staff regarding their menu (more specifically, how their sandwiches are prepared).

Their cheesefest of a menu includes: Meat Sandwicheese (signature frankfurter sandwicheese, bimmer frankfurter sandwicheese, house burger sandwicheese, the gallabergher, cheesy roast beef sandwicheese, hickory shredded pork sandwicheese, chicken pesto mozza sandwicheese), Fish Sandwicheese, Veggie Sandwicheese (French onion sandwicheese), Salads (berry crunchy salad), Entrees (roast beef sandwicheesy rice), Sides (cheese & jalapeno boulders, pasta Bolognese, grandma’s corn chowder), and Bevvies (pretty green slush). They also sell yummy homemade dips! ^^

Mom had the Melting Tuna Sandwicheese with romaine lettuce, mozzarella, parmesan, and wheat bread…

…. While dad had the Grilled Cheese Cheese Sandwicheese, which had pimiento cream cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, also with wheat bread.

We had two sides: First is the Seasoned Fries, large-cut fries sprinkled with a liberal amount of peppery, and slightly spicy barbecue powder. And the second one is their Salsa & Cheese Nachos.

I tried their Drippin’ Roast Beef Sandwicheese, which is their bestseller. This one has sundried tomato cream cheese, caramelized onions, cheese sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, and a cornmeal bun. Of course, an overly cheesy sandwich also means getting overly cheese-covered fingers, but that’s not a problem for me, not at all ^^ Really delicious, filling and savory thanks to the beef, but… Honestly, I’ve had better sandwiches in other cafes.

Sandwicheese is a good place to go to if you want to have a light and cheap lunch, or if you’re looking for a place to hang out with your friends. And since this place is located near Katipunan, then highschool and college students can also come here to chill and even do their homework.

Sandwicheese is located at 225 Katipunan Avenue Extension, Blue Ridge, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 440-3677. You can also like them on Facebook!

Ramen Nagi

(Okay… I totally did not expect that I would be doing THREE reviews during the long holiday! o_o)

I first heard about this ramen restaurant after reading several reviews from food bloggers, who were lucky enough to be able to dine at this place waaay before they opened up their first Philippine branch last December. Apparently Ramen Nagi is considered one of the best ramen places in Hong Kong. And when my ramen enthusiast friend (who has also been to their branch in Hong Kong) suggested that we try this out once they venture here, I decided to follow her advice and eat lunch there.

I really love their interior! It looked very similar to those authentic ramen places in Japan (um… not that I’ve actually been to Japan x_x). We ate there at around 2 in the afternoon, buuuuut the place was still packed, and we had to wait for 15 minutes before we could get a seat. It was quite noisy inside, with all the cooks busily making delicious ramen and waiters/waitresses rushing around to take orders and serve ramen bowls.

The menu offers nothing else, but four ramen dishes: Original King, Red King, Green King, and Black King, plus extra toppings and drinks. The menu is written in both English…

… And Japanese. ^^

After we were seated, we were given forms that let us choose between the four types of ramen. And then we also get to pick the broth’s richness, the texture of the noodles, the amount of garlic, Ramen Nagi’s homemade Fire Sauce and special sauce, the cut of pork (shoulder or belly), veggies (shredded lettuce or green onions), and lastly, the ramen toppings.

I had their Original King ramen, aka Butao. This has a plain tonkotsu broth. Mine had green onions, a dash of garlic and the two sauces, seaweed, and a giant slice of pork belly. The broth had a nice, flavorful, smooth taste, which got richer (and spicier) once I got to the bottom of the bowl. I love that the pork belly wasn’t too fatty. The noodles were the main highlight of this dish for me—Sooooo soft and thin! It almost reminded me of angel hair pasta, hehe. This is not really the biggest bowl of ramen I’ve seen and tried, but it left me feeling really full after my meal.

My mom had the Green King ramen, aka the Midorio. It had TONS of basil leaves, grated parmesan cheese, olive oil, and chasyu. Since I mentioned that Ramen Nagi’s noodles reminded me of angel hair pasta, I guess you could say that the Midorio in particular is like an angel hair pesto pasta dish in ramen form. ^^;

Meanwhile, my dad had the Red King ramen, aka Akao. This one had garlic, chili oil, cayenne pepper, chasyu, and minced pork. I think that looks a little bit too spicy IMO. O_o

The only ramen dish that we didn’t get to try out is the Black King ramen, aka Kuroo, with blackened garlic, calamari squid ink, minced pork, black sesame, chasyu, and Nagi spices.

I have to say that this is one of the best bowls of ramen I’ve tried (so far). And I’m actually hoping that… Since I started off the New Year with an excellent meal, then I guess this means that 2014 will be filled with even more amazing food trips. Woohoo! I can’t wait! ^^

Ramen Nagi is located at the 5/F of SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway McKinley Hill, Taguig. You can also find them at SM Mall of Asia.