Pino Resto Bar & Pipino Vegetarian Food

I have always wanted to eat at these two Filipino restaurants ever since they were featured on a TV show several months ago. The difference between Pino and Pipino is that Pino offers Filipino food (with a different spin), while Pipino caters to vegetarians/vegans (but they serve Filipino food as well!).

Interior. I find it interesting that Pipino’s space is a lot smaller than its “twin” resto.

Pino’s Menu: Salad (chicken insasal ceasar salad), Pino starters (nori cheese sticks, tofu balls, mini sisig tacos, ginataang bopis), Main course (kalderetang lengua, Pino chicken inasal, adobong Sarsi chicken egg, crispy pata with laing), Pino favorites (kare-kareng bagnet, coffee-crusted beef belly), Pasta (spicy tuyo pesto, seafood gambas aligue)

Pipino’s Menu: Starters and small plates (brown rice rolls, tofu lemongrass skewers), Salad (wicked walnut), Main course (portobello inasal, squash risotto, tofu satay), Vegan Filipino (vegetable kare-kare, brown rice champorado), Pasta & noodles (vegan lasagna, kale malunggay pesto), Burgers (chickpea burger, black bean burger).

I have to admit, Pipino’s menu items are a lot more interesting… Prolly because I’m not really familiar with vegan/vegetarian food *_*

Sisig Carbonara. Al dente pasta with bits of sisig and ham. Delicious, but it could honestly use a little more salt.

Buffalo Chicken Skin. Very crispy, and very tangy – The dip helps remove some of the chicken skin’s sharpness.

Spiced Sweet Potato Chips. I don’t eat sweet potatoes, but I really loved this appetizer! The honey mustard dip compliments the lovely, thin-sliced potatoes so well.

My parents ate the Binakol

… And the Buckwheat Pancit Canton, which was the only thing we ordered from Pipino’s menu.

I really, really love the different twists that Pino (and Pipino) puts into ordinary Filipino cuisine. Their unique dishes are definitely a must-try. In fact, I might just try more of Pipino’s vegetarian offerings when I come back! ^^

Pino Resto Bar and Pipino Vegetarian Food are located at 38 Jupiter St. corner Planet St., Makati. Visit Pipino’s official website, and Like Pino on Facebook.


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