Tori Box

Finally got the chance to eat dinner at Tori Box after a long, grueling two-day trip to Tagaytay with some relatives. This restaurant is located in a narrow yet busy street in San Juan. I wanted to try their tonkatsu after it was featured in one of my go-to websites for food and restaurants.

The interior is a bit quirky, with shelves filled with knickknacks, books, dolls, and signboards written in Korean.

Menu: Katsu (pork, fish, chicken, cheese, mapo, spicy) Karaage/Platter, Appetizers and Salads (pan fried gyoza, sautéed shitake with egg and garlic, ika fry appetizer), Sides, Pastas and Sandwiches (kani mayo sandwich, tori katsu sandwich, chicken teriyaki toast, beef yakiniku pita), Ramen (spicy kara-age ramen, katsu ramen, chicken miso ramen), Grilled (rice toppings, teppanyaki), Waffles and Stuff (eggs & waffles, very blueberry, peanut nutella), and Beverages (hot coffee, frozen iced tea, iced coffee, frozen coffee, non-coffee based drinks, frozen blends)

For our appetizer, we had the Cheesy Mayo Gyoza. Delicious, but the taste of the cheese was slightly overpowering.

Dad had a nice, hot bowl of their Tori Katsudon.

Mom tried their Tori-Q Pesto.

I tried two dishes—First is their Tonkatsu, which goes really well with a cup of plain rice. Its’ not really up to par with the other Tonkatsu dishes I’ve tried, but it’s still delicious.

I also had their Kara-age Pop. This dish is served with a small sauce dish filled with sour cream powder, which you can sprinkle on top of your Kara-age. You can choose the flavor of the powder too.

For my drink, I had a smoothie called the Cherry Berry. I love this! It was sweet and tasted refreshing at the same time! The cream goes really well with the sweet cherry flavor. And I love that they put this inside a jar instead of a glass, hehe.

I can honestly say that I was surprised! I didn’t expect that I would end up eating a full meal here, since I thought Tori Box only served tonkatsu and chicken as snack options. I would recommend this restaurant to those who love Japanese food, and cute, yet peculiar architecture.

Tori Box is located at 403 F Calderon St, cor J Abad Santos, Little Baguio, San Juan. You can also find them at the 2nd floor of One Archer’s Place in DLSU.


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