Miso Ten

… And so instead of dining at a Chinese restaurant to celebrate the Lunar New Year, we ended up having lunch at yet another ramen place instead. I wanted to try this place ever since I spotted their ad while walking around Robinson’s Magnolia, where this resto is located… And I also had strong ramen cravings at that moment (Thanks to that one episode of David Chang’s ‘Mind of a Chef’).


Menu: Ramen (Miso Ten spicy, sesame miso), Ramen special sets, Set Meals, Tendon (excellent tendon, seafood tendon, vegetable tendon, mini tendon), Tendon sets, Ala carte (tori karaage, yasai itame, pork chasyu, chahan), Salad (mango kani), and Drinks.

My parents had the Miso Ten Original ramen.

I tried their Tonkotsu ramen. The broth was quite oily, but delicious. The chasyu pieces were soooooo tender. The thin noodles tasted awesome too.

Gyoza. I really love it when the gyoza pieces are huge, and the amount of filling overpowers the thickness or thinness of the gyoza skins.

The Tempura is a bit small, but delicious and light. It could use a little bit more breading, too.

Eh, the food was fine. But it’s definitely worth a try of you love freshly-made tempura and ramen. ^^

Miso Ten is located at the 2nd floor of Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd Valencia, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 442-5914. You can also find them at Robinson’s Place Manila. Visit their official Facebook page!


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