Manila Maki

Manila Maki is a small Japanese restaurant tucked inside one of Makati’s high-rise buildings. The restaurant serves Japanese food, mostly sushi/sashimi/maki (hence the name) with a Filipino twist.

Interior. Since this restaurant is located near a bunch of offices/commercial buildings/residential areas, I can easily imagine office workers, call center agents, and businessmen visiting this place to eat lunch or dinner.

Menu: Nigiri sushi (spicy tuna gunkan, sabahi belly, sisig gunkan), Sashimi (seared tuna kinilaw), Pinoy maki (Pinoydon maki, aligue maki), Premium roll (Laguna roll, Manila maki, tempura maki, tinapa maki, adarna roll), Salads (spicy tuna, kani ensalada), Sushi plates (sashimi moriwase), Katsu (pork kare katsu, Pinoydon tofu, sabahi katsu), Ala carte (longganigyoza, bonbon chicken), Tempura (tempura okoy, teriyaki inasal, chicken teriyaki), Teppanyaki (salpicao, sisig teppanyaki, seafood sisig), Noodles (aligue yakisoba), Donburi (sisigdon, veggiedon, sabahidon), Rice, and Dessert (banana surprise). Their drinks mainly consist of sake-based cocktails, coffee smoothies, and sodas.

I really love how they were able to incorporate even just a small hint of Pinoy ingredients into their maki, as well as their other dishes.

Pinoydon Fried Chicken. This was really good. The chicken pieces were tender and easy to chew, and goes really well with the bowl of steamed Japanese rice. The dip gives life to this dish. Plus the name of the dish brought back memories of dining at Pinoydon’s Eastwood branch when I was still in highschool, hehe.

This is their Crazy Maki, made with kani, aligue, sushi rice, toasted panko, and topped with a delicious kani salad.

Lastly, I had some fresh Maguro sashimi.

The food was amazing, the interior gives off a nice, chill vibe (the only complaint I have is the lack of ventilation… whew!) and the staff was accommodating too. I would recommend this restaurant if you are a huge fan of sushi/maki/sashimi, or if you’re into fusion cuisine. It’s definitely worth a try!

Manila Maki is located at the ground floor of Elizabeth Place Condominium, 332 HV Dela Costa St Salcedo Village, Makati. Tel no: (02) 822-7319


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