Crystal Jade Dining In

The first time I tried Crystal Jade’s pricey Chinese cuisine was back in 2011, where we went over to Greenhills and had dinner at Crystal Jade La Mien Xiao Long Bao, since I wanted to try their famous noodle with dried shrimp and peanut in spicy sauce and xiao long bao. We had a bit of a difficulty trying to look for a parking spot, but in the end, everything went well and we had an amazing dinner.

Then several years later, while passing through Bonifacio High Street, I saw this restaurant called Crystal Jade Dining In. And once I saw the name of the resto, I got really excited, since BHS was a lot spacious and parking wouldn’t be such a hassle, unlike in Greenhills.

I decided that I would just dine in this branch instead of the one in Greenhills once I get the opportunity to do my review—And that opportunity arrived earlier this morning, when I had lunch there with my auntie, my cousin, and my mom.

Look at that interior! It reminded me of Lugang Café’s interior, except this one was probably 5 times more grandiose. It was a bit intimidating, actually, since we were about to dine in this really swanky restaurant, when there’s no occasion to celebrate.

Menu: Appetizer, Roasted & marinated selection, Shark’s fin, Soup, Bird’s nest, Abalone, Seafood, Live seafood, Seafood & dishes, Meaty galore, Vegetables, Healthy selection, Rice & noodle, Beverage, Milk shake/Smoothie, Soft drink, Fresh fruit juice, Coffee selection, Chinese tea, and Dimsum.

… It was after looking at the menu that I realized… This Crystal Jade was actually different from the one that we dined at in Greenhills. It didn’t have any of the dishes that I ordered previously… So I was slightly disappointed. Then I thought that maybe I should try something new… So that’s exactly what I did.

(Not to mention some of the dishes were a lot pricier too… Ouch)

For our dimsum, we had the Ha Kau steamed shrimp dumpling.

Barbecue pork with honey, served on a hot plate. It wasn’t too bad, but for me, it was a bit bleh… It tasted delicious, but I felt like it lacked something. The fat, probably. I’m not sure.

I can’t really remember what the exact name of this dish is… Basically it’s fried rice served in a hot stone bowl.

Steamed cream custard bun with salted egg yolk. You really have to be careful when eating these since one wrong bite, and its creamy and delicious custard filling will end up spraying all over your clothes, like what happened to me.

We also tried their Sautéed seasonal vegetables with crab meat, and their Baked prawns with salted egg yolk.

… So if I were to choose between Crystal Jade Dining In, and Crystal Jade La Mien Xiao Long Bao, I would choose the latter. I guess I just ordered the wrong item on the menu here at this restaurant. I’m sure other people would enjoy it here, though!

Crystal Jade Dining In is located at Unit SEUG201 Bonifacio High Street, 30th St cor 7th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Tel no: (02) 808-5233


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