Due to a harrowing personal experience over a year ago, I developed an aversion to SM Megamall (and just malls in general) for quite a long time, and vowed to never step inside that place again after at least one year. But on the other hand, I also knew that I had to go back to that place because I still had to review one more restaurant—A ramen place called Kichitora.

… And earlier today, I decided to gather my courage and visit Megamall again. I didn’t have time to explore the newly-built areas of the mall, since I just wanted to visit Kichitora and try out their ramen. So I went straight to the Mega Atrium and let out a sigh of relief when I saw that it was still open for business.


It was quite difficult to get pictures of their leather-bound menu, I had to keep it open with one hand, while the other one was busy snapping pictures.

Menu: Ramen (paitan ramen, tan men, chintan ramen, hiyashi ramen, Hokkaido miso ramen, mabo tofu tsukemen, shoyu tsukemen), Rice toppings (oyako-don, pork chasyu rice, mabo tofu rice), Ala carte (ban ban ji), Desserts (coconut pudding with matcha & adzuki), and Drinks.

According to their menu, their ramen dishes are served with this slow-simmered, flavorful and healthy chicken-based broth called Torigara. Kichitora also combines recipes from three of Tokyo’s famous ramen shops: Kohmen, Daijin, and Kookai.


Mom tried their Chicken Karaage Rice, served with salad and a bowl of miso soup. The chicken was really crispy, but some of the pieces were sliiiightly undercooked. Still delicious though, especially with the mayonnaise dip.

Instead of ordering the usual ramen soup, I tried their Jajamen instead. This beauty consists of tsukemen noodles, spring onions, sweet minced pork sauce, and onsen tamago. It had the perfect combination of sweetness and spiciness.

I felt really full after my meal. It was delicious! Although Ramen Nagi still tops my list of best ramen places, I have to say that Kichitora is definitely a must-try for ramen connoisseurs. ^^ Oh, and I’ll be sure to try their Paitan ramen next time!

Kichitora of Tokyo is located at 2/F SM Megamall, Mega Atrium, Julia Vargas Ave Wack Wack, Mandaluyong City. Tel no: (02) 775-1100. You can also find them at Glorietta 5.


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