As someone who has little to no experience with travelling overseas, I can assure you that I have never tried the famous In-and-Out Burger from California. I’ve heard about In-and-Out, of course—From friends, to American TV shows, to pictures/videos that I’ve seen on the Internet.

Then last year, In-and-Out opened a small popup store here in the Philippines, in Bonifacio High Street, to be exact (where else?). I never got the chance to see that either, since 1.) It happened on a weekday, 2.) It only lasted for a couple of hours, and 3.) As expected, the lines were extremely long. So I just assumed that maybe I’ll only get to try In-and-Out burgers in my dreams.

And then… Caliburger arrived. Caliburger is a newly-opened burger chain which claims to be ‘inspired’ by In-and-Out. The color scheme, the palm tree motifs, the menu… Nearly everything about the place just screams ‘In-and-Out’. So when we went to a wedding boutique in Makati, we also decided to go to Century City Mall to check out Caliburger’s first Philippine branch.

Since it’s called Caliburger, the interior has a surfing/nautical/summer-y theme, and the staff wears comfy summer outfits like board shorts, and visors. The color scheme of the walls/flooring also gives the impression that the diners are in a sunny Californian beach. There is also a patio outside if you want to enjoy your hamburgers while staring at the wonderful Makati skyline.

Menu shot!

I wanted to try their chicken burger at first, but I had their hamburger instead. You could really taste the freshness of the beef patties. The burger buns were soft and well-made too. The thick-cut fries were evenly-seasoned. Meanwhile, my parents tried their cheeseburger, which also came with fries.

For our drinks, my parents shared a glass of iced tea and I had their strawberry milkshake. Thank goodness this milkshake wasn’t one of those super-thick ones. It tasted a little bit too sweet at times.

… Yeah. Sooooo… It wasn’t that bad, buuuuuut it wasn’t that delicious either. It’s way, way, waaaaay overpriced as well, for a small burger with fries and drinks. Basically a more expensive version of Burger King. If I ever get the opportunity to try In-and-out, I’m honestly hoping that it would be either 1.) Affordable and delicious, or 2.) Pricey, but worth the money.

Caliburger is located at 4/F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave., Pinagkaisahan, Makati. You can also find them at Timog Ave., Quezon City.Visit their official Facebook page!


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