K-Pub BBQ Meat-All-You-Can (100th entry!)

Since I am turning another year older in a couple of days, I would like to share a little fact about myself:

I love K-pop.

I really do.

I listen to it constantly when I’m at home, I watch music videos and the weekly music shows, and, despite being busy with work, I try to keep updated with the latest news about my favorite boybands and girlgroups.

… So when I learned that there was a K-Pop-themed grill located in The Fort, I absolutely KNEW that I had to go visit.

K-Pub BBQ ’s slogan is ‘Meat-all-you-can’, meaning that this barbecue place is a good spot to have lunch or dinner for meat lovers, like me. ^^;

Its interior reminded me of a trendy bar/club. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the second floor coz it looked empty (I think that area was closed too… What a shame). They also have a small store found near the entrance of the restaurant which sells accessories, K-Pop albums, and other types of K-Pop related goodies. FYI, local bands, plus a few stand-up comedians do come here to perform every Thursday-Saturday evenings, so if you want to listen to some live tunes or just laugh your heart out, then you should come on over. A bunch of famous K-Pop stars have also paid a visit to K-Pub as well.

The main highlight for me here was the giant-sized screen which played a bunch of K-Pop music videos. (To all the K-pop fans out there… I think you guys can guess what my favorite entertainment company is, judging from the pictures that I took. Hehe.)

… And here’s my favorite K-Pop group! ❤

We ended up ordering the ‘Eat and Run: Level Up’ option. I wanted to try some of their ala-carte meals, but I don’t think you can have both at the same time (dang!). Other options include Eat and Run, No Limits, No Limits de Luxe, Ala Carte (basically just typical Korean rice meals like bibimbap, japchae, etc.), and Bar Chow.

The ‘Eat and Run: Level Up’ option consists of Crème dori bulgogi, Saewoo (garlic butter shrimp), Uhmuk (fish tofu), Yang gogi (lamb chorizo), Chadol baki (beef sukiyaki), Samgyeopsal (pork belly), Daepae samgyeopsal (Korean-style bacon), Yangnyem samgyeopsal (marinated pork belly in sweet and spicy sauce), Dwaeji galbi (marinated pork chop), and Dak galbi (marinated chicken in sweet soy sauce).

Banchan, plus lettuce leaves for our meat.

A bowl of steamed eggs—Which tasted 100x better than the ones we had at Ba-Be-Q.

Bulgogi kimbap.

Calamari (Ojingo tuigim)! No tentacles this time! *whew*

Korean pizza. We got the bulgogi variety. You can pick from three other varieties: Kimchi and cheese, tomato and cheese, and pork.

And finally… The meat. Let the grilling begin! Huzzah!!!

Grilled bulgogi/samgyupsal/chicken/an assortment of other types of Korean barbecue and seafood, and a slice of kimchi pancake. These kimchi pancakes were REALLY light, crispy, and not greasy at all. And I have to admit, they tasted a lot better than the ones my mom makes at home (sorry, mom!).

A cup of steamed rice, another slice of kimchi pancake, and my soup. The soup wasn’t that bad, but it tasted better when it was still warm.

We had this sweet rice drink for dessert.

Well as expected, we paid a heck of a lot of money for all this food. I think it’s worth it, though? The meat and side dishes were all great, plus the staff was very nice and accommodating too (special shout-out to their lovely Korean waiter, Minjun!!!). But if you want to dine at K-Pub, I suggest that you need to 1.) Bring company… Lots of company, and 2.) Come only when there’s a special occasion, so everything would be worth the price.

K-Pub BBQ is located at Unit D, The Fort Complex Entertainment Center, 28th St cor 5th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Tel no – (02) 847-1961.


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