I have been waiting for the right moment to dine at Mamou, and now I finally got the chance! Since this restaurant is a little bit on the pricey side, I figured that I’ll just eat at this resto when there’s a relevant occasion.

Interior. Uh… TBH, the diners here made this place slightly intimidating.

Menu: Appetizers (cracked cheese with fuet and honey, truffle flavored vegetable mushroom, Barcia strips), Soup (hearty lentil soup, orange kamote cream soup), Salads (Mamou’s greens, warm couscous salad), Pasta (linguine al nero, Mamou’s linguine vongole, Mario bottarga al olio), Sandwich (roast beef sandwich, pulled steak sandwich, Mamou’s shroom burger), Meat (angus rib-eye USDA prime rib steak, lamb chops, wawa prime rib, kurobuta sinigang, roast pork & chicken, BBC – beer battered chicken), Seafood (fish mamou katsu, beer battered fish with malt vinegar, steamed live Maine lobster), Vegetarian (grilled vegetable stew), Weekend brunch menu (steak ‘n eggs, Pappy’s toast, French toast, Pol’s pancakes).

And here’s their dessert menu!

For our appetizer, we had a basket filled with warm dinner rolls and butter.

Mamou Mami. A hybrid of Pinoy la paz batchoy, Japanese ramen noodle soup, and Hongkong-style noodles. The soup was flavorful, very tasty, and the noodles were nice and chewy too.

Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream Pasta, which consists of spaghettini pasta, truffle flavored cream, and grana padano cheese. I ordered this dish since I’ve seen and heard people raving about how good this pasta was. Honestly… It was yummy, but I was a tad bit underwhelmed – I guess my expectations were a little too high? Like I expected it to have this indescribable yet delicious flavor, but it just tasted really bland. I did finish the entire plate, though.

Fish Katsu Sandwich, with breaded white fish on white bread (they can also be served on whole wheat bread). This was served with fries and a small bowl of Mamou’s flavorful katsu sauce. This one tasted a little bit better – The fish was nice and tender, and the bread was freshly-baked as well.

Dad tried their Beer Battered Fish with Malt Vinegar. Their fish was a lot similar to the one I had in my sandwich – Light, flaky, and smooth-tasting.

For dessert, I had their Frozen Hot Chocolate. Not bad, but it turned out to be the bitter Spanish-type hot chocolate that I really disliked, so… Bleh.

Uh… Well, one of the things that I really liked about this place was the staff’s attentiveness, as well as the interiors. The food was alright though, but it could use a little more zing. Plus the diners made us feel a little bit out of place too. I guess high-class restaurants like these aren’t really my cup of tea.

Mamou is located at R1/Lvl. Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive Poblacion, Makati. Tel no: (02) 822-6218.


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