Ben’s Kitchen

This weekend, we headed back to Harbor Point mall during our yearly trip to SBMA. As soon as we arrived at the mall, I immediately headed over to Ben’s Kitchen to have lunch. I still remember this place from last year’s Bulgogi Brothers lunch, and I’m really glad to see that their amount of customers has doubled.

Their interior reminds me of The Clubhouse and Lunchbox, with the country-themed decorations, and the little glass container filled with pies and cakes.

Menu: Breakfast (breakfast waffles, old fashioned oatmeal with cinnamon toast, crispy club salad, potato salad, tuna macaroni salad), Appetizer (sesame garlic wings, shepard’s pie, Jalapeno poppers), Soup (black bean soup, hearty meatball soup, lentils & ham), Main entrée (chicken pot pie, sausage peppers & onions, broccoli cheese casserole, rosemary lamb with pineapple mint coullis), Pasta (smoked fish risotto, shrimp linguine), Pizza (big Ben pizza), Sandwiches (sloppy Joe, pulled pork sandwich, salmon burger), Desserts (choco chip cookie, baked apples, crepes), Extras, and Drinks.


Coca Cola Roast Pork. I ordered this since the dish’s interesting name caught my attention. The pork was a little bit tough, but the cola-based sauce was heavenly. You can choose if you want it served with rice, steamed potatoes, or mashed potatoes with gravy.

Flavorful and hearty Chicken Soup, accompanied by some garlic bread.

And… That’s it! We didn’t really order much since we were in a hurry to get home. But even though I only ordered two dishes, I have to say that my lunch at Ben’s Kitchen was great. I’ll make sure to try more of their yummy rice meals, desserts, and breakfast meals when I get the opportunity to dine there again.

Ben’s Kitchen is located at Harbor Point Mall Riverwalk, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Tel no (047) 251-1078.


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