P.F. Chang’s

PF Chang’s is a famous American-Chinese restaurant, the brainchild of Mr. Paul Flemming (PF) and Mr. Philip Chiang (Chang). They have 204 branches across the globe, and if I remember correctly, their first Philippine branch (in Alabang Town Center) is the very first PF Chang’s branch in Asia. Their other branch – The one that I had lunch in earlier this morning – Is located in Bonifacio Global City.

Interior. The first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of foreigners dining in this place.

Menu: Starters (Chang’s vegetarian lettuce wraps, shrimp rolls, dynamite shrimp, tuna tataki), Chicken (Chang’s spicy chicken, orange peel chicken, kung pao chicken, mandarin chicken), Pork (sweet and sour pork), Beef (Mongolian beef, pepper steak, orange peel beef), Seafood (kung pao shrimp, Sichuan shrimp or calamari, salt and pepper prawns, Hunan style hot fish), Dimsum (crystal shrimp dumplings, flaming red wontons, lemon grass chicken dumplings), Salads (ahi cucumber salad), Soups (hot and sour soup, wonton soup), Noodles and Rice (Sichuan chicken chow fun noodles, lo mein, double pan-fried noodles, dan dan noodles), Vegetarian (stir fried eggplant). They also serve gluten-free meals!

Beverages and dessert menu.

I got to try two different types of iced tea – Jasmine, which had a nice, light, fruity flavor, and Tamarind, which had a slightly sweet yet tangy flavor.

Some Egg Drop Soup and Xiao Long Bao for starters!

PF Chang’s Fried Rice. Wok-fried rice mixed with some eggs, carrots, bean sprouts, and scallions.

Shrimp with Lobster Sauce. Shrimp mixed in white wine sauce, Chinese black beans, mushrooms, scallions, and eggs. The sauce didn’t really taste like anything, and I expected everything to taste a little bit sweeter, buuuuut… The shrimp practically melted in my mouth, and it had a nice, clean taste, which is one of the main qualities that I look for in shrimp dishes.

Tofu Steak, crispy breaded silken tofu slices topped with bell peppers, onions, and mixed with kung pao sauce. My mom and I really liked this dish since the skin was crispy on the outside, and the tofu was firm on the inside. I was scared that she was going to dislike this dish because it was a little bit on the spicy side, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. ^^

Crispy Honey Chicken – Diced and lightly battered chicken fillet served in a sweet sauce, over a bed of crispy rice sticks. Not as crispy as I had expected, but this dish still get two thumbs up from me. ^^

… Well, we ended up paying quite a lot of money, which was expected since PF Chang’s is a foreign franchise after all. I think it’s worth it, though. ^^

PF Chang’s is located at W Global Center, 30th St cor 9th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Tel no: (02) 808-7389. You can also find them at the Alabang Town Center. Official Website: http://www.pfchangs.com.ph/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pfchangsph.


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