Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Haru is a sushi restaurant located in Kapitolyo, owned by the same people behind Café Juanita. In fact, you can find these two restos right beside each other, just a couple of meters away from Kapitolyo’s main gate. I was actually planning on visiting Haru some other time, but I had to give in to my sushi cravings.

In my opinion, Haru’s main highlight is their architecture. I immediately fell in love with its Japanese-themed décor, the sushi bar, the assortment of Japanese dolls, and the paper lanterns hanging outside. I even loved the traditional Japanese music playing in the background. And one more thing… The place may look really small on the outside, but it can accommodate several groups of people.

Menu: Ippin ryori, Salada, Sunomono, Aemono, Sashimi & sushi, Sashimi or sushi moriwase, Tataki usuzukuri, Maki sushi, Yakimono/Robatayaki, Nimono, Tempura and furai/agemono, Nabemono, Teppanyaki/Misono, Menrui, Gozen, Gohan, Donburi, and Wanmono.

California Maki, and Maguro Sushi (nigiri style). Someday I would like to go to one of those sushi places where they serve the sushi on a conveyor belt, hehe.

Their meaty Gyoza was served with this yummy dipping sauce, which tasted sweet, with a very, very tiny hint of spiciness.

Ebi tempura.

Onigiri katsuboshi (bonito shavings). Not bad!

As usual, dad had the Seafood ramen.

Steamed tofu steak. Incredibly soft tofu, which was also served with a tasty dipping sauce.

Haru is definitely a must-try if you love Japanese food (especially sushi), Japanese-inspired design, or if you want to feel like you’re dining inside an authentic Japanese restaurant. Seriously… My pictures don’t do this place any justice! Especially since they’re slightly blurry… Ugh >_< You have to go check out the place yourself, and enjoy their food as well ^^

Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant is located at 9 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Tel no (02) 631-0597.


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