Osaka Ohsho

Osaka Ohsho is known as Japan’s number one gyoza restaurant. Their stores can be found all over Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and other Asian countries. Their first Philippine branch opened up not too long ago, at SM Megamall.

Now, if you read my blog regularly, you will know that I am a HUGE gyoza fan, so I just knew that I had to give this place a visit. I managed to convince myself to go to Megamall once again—And it was also my first time to explore the new Mega Fashion Hall, and I have to say it felt like I stepped inside a different mall. ^^


Menu: Gyoza, Koshihikari sets, Afternoon sets, Kiddie sets, Chahan sets, Kuwatoro sets, Japanese curry sets, Appetizers and salads (kushiage katsu tower, ebi pineapple salads, agadeshi tofu, crab cream croquettes), Stir fry (black vinegar chicken, ebi chili, stir fried pork with chives), Vegetables and tofu (mabo tofu, yasai itame), Yakimono (grilled chicken teriyaki, gindara teriyaki, salmon teriyaki), Teppanyaki (tonpeiyaki with pork and cheese, sliced pork with ginger sauce, beef saikoro teppanyaki), Agemono (Japanese style crispy chicken karaage, pork cutlet in miso sauce), Rice and noodles (chukadon, original chahan, oyakodon, yakisoba), Desserts, Drinks (matcha milk smoothie, fresh mango yakult).

Here it is… Osaka Ohsho’s famous gyoza!!! We tried two varieties – Original (left) and Nori (right). They have a third variety, Cheese gyoza. These two may look similar on the outside, but it’s the inside that really matters! The gyoza skins, made from Japanese flour, were nice, soft, yet really firm. The Original gyoza had a nice, meaty flavor, while you can really taste the fresh seaweed bits inside the Nori gyoza.

All of Osaka Ohsho’s gyozas are crafted by chefs who have undergone training under professional Japanese chefs. The gyoza is cooked in just the right temperature, with the chefs always making sure to adjust the heat of the griller and to add the perfect amount of steaming water. It takes a lot of skill to cook the gyoza since apparently you can’t open the griller’s lid while the cooking process is ongoing.

They have three dips for their gyoza – Osaka Ohsho original, Miso, and Chili oil. Our waiter suggested that we mix up the original and miso dipping sauces.

Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, one of Osaka Ohsho’s signature dishes. Chewy and fluffy Koshihikari rice, covered in a blanket of even fluffier scrambled eggs, and drenched in a pool of gravy. When I saw its picture on the menu, I thought it was a bowl of custard at first, hehe. This dish is the perfect partner for their gyoza! I highly recommend this ^^

Koshihikari rice is a short-grain rice that has a nutty taste. It’s quite sticky (like most types of Japanese rice), so it’s excellent for making sushi and maki. FYI, the name Koshihikari means ‘light of Koshi’, and Koshi is the place where this type of rice was created. ^^

Lastly, we had their All Prawn Tempura.

For my drink, I had their creamy and frothy Japanese milk tea with pearls, served in this extra large beer mug. ^^;

What can I say? Osaka Ohsho wasn’t kidding when they say that they’re the leading gyoza specialists in Japan. Everything we ate tasted ohsho good *ba-dum-tss* and I’m already looking forward to my second visit.

Osaka Ohsho is located at the 3/F of Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall building D. Tel no: +632 631-7074. Like them on Facebook: OsakaOhshoPH.


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