Since I was in a hurry to get home because of work, I passed by Faburrito’s branch in Eastwood to order some takeout. I’ve read about Faburrito in an issue of Appetite Magazine before, and I honestly didn’t expect that I would get to try one of their burritos one day.


Menu shot. They serve quesadillas,burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, and salad. You get to choose from a variety of meats (Cajun rubbed pork, mango BBQ chicken, grilled tenderloin steak, and fajita mushrooms), salsa (balsamic, cucumber yogurt, mango and pineapple), sides, and dressings to go with your meal.

I ordered one Grilled Battered Fish Burrito for takeout, and started eating it as soon as I got home. It was a delicious burrito, the fish was a little bit mushy, but nicely cooked. Aside from the fish, the burrito contained beans, cucumber yogurt and brown rice, all wrapped up in a nice, toasted flour tortilla. Since I ordered the spicy variety, they added some spicy cabbage to it (although honestly, I can’t really tell if it was the cabbage or the dressing that they used), which I really enjoyed. The spiciness really packed a punch.

Everything was going perfectly fine… Until I ended up chewing on something hard. I spat it out and surprise, surprise… It was a tiny black pebble! -_- Needless to say, I had to be twice as careful when eating the remainder of my burrito. -_-

My rating? Faburrito is good, not to mention healthy. But unfortunately that pebble incident was a major turn-off for me. I’m willing to give this resto another chance, though.

Faburrito is located at Eastwood, Quezon City. You can also find them at The Columns Tower 2, Makati. You can also visit them on Facebook!


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