Before heading home from Tagaytay, we passed by this Mexican restaurant in Summit Ridge called Jalapeno. I already had plans to do a review of this restaurant since January, but they kept getting postponed because of various reasons.


Menu shots. Their items include: Appetizers, Rice meals, Jalapeno bandejas, All-time Mexican favorites, and Eat-all-you-can salad.

I ordered their Pescado (fish) Burrito with some dips and chips on the side. This one had Mexican rice, refried beans, grilled fish, sour cream, pico de gallo and topped with grated cheese. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad! The serving was a little bit huge for me, though. But their dips were extremely bland and tasteless.

Chicken Tenders, breaded chicken cutlets served with thick-cut fries and barbecue dipping sauce. Unlike the dip for the burrito, their barbecue sauce was filled with lots of flavor. The fries were huge and nicely seasoned, but the tenders were dry and tough.

Finally, we had their Nachos Overload. I wanted to order the Classic version, but the waitress successfully managed to convince me to try this instead. This one has ground beef, salsa, chilies, and cheese. Really spicy.

Everything was just… Meh. I only liked the burrito and the fries. In my opinion, there’s still some room for improvement when it comes to their food and interior.

Jalapeno Authentic Tex-Mex Cuisine is located at the ground floor of Robinson’s Summit Ridge, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City.


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