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So for my parents’ anniversary, we headed over to Vikings at SM Marikina for lunch. My mom has actually been to Vikings several times because of her buffet-loving friends, but this is the first time that my dad and I get to go.

Vikings has been hailed as one of Manila’s best buffets. They have a (very) wide assortment of food in every one of their branches. Each branch is also different from the others (in regards to the size of the place, the number of items served at the buffet, etc.).

Interior. I didn’t take pictures of the buffet itself, since I don’t think it’s allowed.

For my appetizer, I had a thin slice of olive baguette, tasty pieces of tuna melt, and freshly-baked focaccia bread.

Oysters, and assorted tempura (ebi, salmon, vegetable).


A plate filled with meat, which includes katsu (really nice and tender, plus it was coated in sweetened scrambled eggs), and Vikings’ famous roast Angus belly. I have heard about this roast Angus belly from people who have dined at Vikings, and they have all said that it was pure heaven. So I got to try it for myself, and I have to say… They were absolutely right. I have to say it was a lot more flavorful than the roast beef that they serve at one of my favorite hotels. A whole variety of condiments and sauces are also available to pair up with your slice of beef. I chose the truffle sauce (which tasted like ordinary gravy, TBH) and mint.

Dad had this spicy & sour shabu shabu soup and fried fish. They have sukiyaki and ramen too, but I didn’t get a bowl.

Sushi and maki combo: Salmon sushi and sashimi, tuna sashimi, tamago sushi, California maki, Frutha maki, spicy tuna crunchy maki, dragon roll, and a gigantic piece of California serada temaki (was lucky enough to get the one with the tuna filling). We also had a piece of mantou bread and steamed siomai.

For dessert: Lemon pudding (delicious, it’s like eating a lemon square. Perfect balance of tartness and sweetness), bread and butter cake (good, but a little tough), red velvet cake (I didn’t like this one, it was dry and tasteless), choco caramel (my favorite! the brownie was super moist and the caramel wasn’t sickeningly sweet), and a brownie.

My mom’s dessert consisted of this white chocolate mousse (a little bit powdery), and a mango crepe.

All in all, it was one VERY satisfying meal. I really wanted to get another slice of Angus, but I was already way too full. The buffet itself was really overwhelming since it was HUGE, and there’s actually a lot of dishes that I didn’t get the chance to try out… I can’t wait to come back to this buffet, so I can get another chance to eat like a real Viking again.

Vikings is located at the 2nd Floor of SM City Marikina, Kalumpang, Marikina City. Tel nos: 570-3888, 570-4888, and 570-5888. You can also find them at SM North Edsa, SM Lanag Premier (Davao) and SM Megamall. Visit their official website:


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