I was really excited to go back to Greenhills since it’s been a really long time since we last came here. We paid a visit to Greenhills because of two things: To buy some coffee for dad and to try out this Japanese restaurant called Wafu. We were supposed to have lunch here on my birthday but I ended up picking Mamou instead.

I really loved the interior! It was very spacious… But it’s probably because lunchtime was over, so there weren’t a lot of people dining inside. They have a second floor that’s reserved for those who want to try their teppanyaki. We ended up sitting inside one of the lotus-shaped chairs. It was comfy, and we had lots of privacy (haha!) but the area where I sat at was a tad bit shaky.

Menu: Soups (miso soup, grilled chicken ramen, tempura udon), Salad (cucumber sunomono, Wafu’s house salad, yuri’s crab salad), Yakitori, Entrees (chawan mushi, yakisoba, tuna tataki), Tempura, Furai (tonkatsu, hotate, tebasaki), Chef’s recommendation (wasabi pepper steak, miso cod, scallops over udon), Wafu steaks (angus, wagyu), Chef’s tasting (hamachi sashimi, miso soup, beef tataki, edamame), Rice bowl/donburi (oyakudon, sansyoku don, tekka don), Rice, Teishoku sets, Wafu favorites, Teppanyaki ala-carte, Sushi platters, Shooters, Rolls (classic – California roll, spicy scallop, tuna roll. Wafu style – mifune, mount Fuji roll, Hokkaido roll, Asahi roll), Sushi, Sashimi, Cold plates (trio of tartare, hamachi jalapeno, tuna cappricio), and Drinks (fresh fruit and veggies shake, juices, sake/sochu, signature smoothies, tea and coffee, soda, beer).

Shrimp tempura. I only tried one piece. Um… I was expecting it to be bigger and a lot crispier, honestly.

Katsudon. Still alright, even though it honestly wasn’t as good as the ones served in the other katsu places I’ve tried before.

Chicken fried rice. My mom liked this. If I wasn’t so busy with my katsudon, then I would’ve taken a few more bites from this dish.

Tofu steak. My favorite out of all the dishes that we ordered. The tofu pieces were huge, and the tofu itself tasted light. The fried skin had a little hint of crispiness, which I liked. I also enjoyed the flavorful mushroom sauce that the tofu pieces were drenched in.

… Yes, so the food was quite expensive, but some of the dishes didn’t taste that good, which is disappointing, since this is such a high-class Japanese restaurant. We probably just ordered the wrong stuff on the menu. I think I liked the interior more than the food, actually. 😡 But I would still recommend Wafu if you’re a Japanese food lover who wants to spend a little bit more money when it comes to food.

Wafu is located at Greenhills Shopping Center, N Western St Greenhills, San Juan. Tel no (02) 570-3242.


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