Kyochon Chicken

At last, it’s here!!! Kyochon Chicken, one of Korea’s biggest fried chicken chains has opened its first branch here in the Philippines, in SM Megamall to be exact. Kyochon was actually slated to open last year, but I guess it got delayed for some reason? Oh well, at least it’s finally open, hehe. Although I’m still wondering why they decided to open up in Mega B instead of the new Fashion Hall…

Only had one pic of the interior. Just like most Korean restaurants, they have a screen that plays a handful of K-Pop music videos.

Menu: Original series (with a soy garlic glaze), Red series (with an original hot sauce made from chili peppers), Honey series (coated with delicious honey syrup), Soonsal series (boneless crunchy chicken strips coated in a special rice batter. comes with three different dipping sauces), Combo meals, Ala-carte (chili chicken steak rice, galbi chicken steak rice), Salad and side dishes (green salad with grilled chicken, kimchi fried rice), and Beverages.

For my starter, I had their Rice cake soup. It wasn’t so bad; the broth was nice and warm while the thin slices of tteok (rice cake) were nice and chewy.

And here’s what we had for lunch! From left: Gigantic drumsticks from the Honey series. One bite and I could tell that the chicken was freshly cooked, and came straight from the fryer. The honey sauce was alright, it was sweet, but not cloying, which is good. In the middle, a small bowl of sticky garlic-butter rice, which goes well with our chicken. And lastly, wings from the Original series. I have to admit, when I first saw them, I nearly laughed because of how small the pieces were. But once I took a bite, I was surprised by the high amount of flavor. ^^

This is their takeout box. Kyochon’s current endorser is popular Korean actor, Lee Minho. We also got a free 2014 calendar featuring their previous endorsers, Korean boyband Super Junior.

After our lunch, I couldn’t help but compare Kyochon to that other famous “-chon” chicken place. I guess Kyochon has more of a formal, restaurant-like ambiance while the other chicken place has the look and feel of a fastfood joint. I admit, our lunch at Kyochon wasn’t exactly the best (but it didn’t suck either), but this won’t be the last time that I’ll be visiting this place. I’m also wishing them the best of luck and more success in the future. ^^

Kyochon Chicken is located at G/F, SM Megamall Building B, Quezon City.


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