The Wicked Waffle

We had to attend a baptismal celebration earlier today at Max’s. Since we were still feeling full by 5 in the afternoon, we decided to head on over to Eastwood Cybermall to have a quick snack instead of eating dinner.

The Wicked Waffle serves traditional breakfast meals (like waffles, for example), all throughout the day. Their waffles are prepared in front of you, which guarantee their freshness.


Menu: All-day breakfast waffle sandwiches, Waffle sundaes, Sweet waffle sandwiches, Frappes, Cold beverages, and Hot beverages. They serve rice meals too.

Creamy milk tea, courtesy of Bon Appetea. Hmm, so is it Wicked Waffle, or Wicked Waffles?

I tried their Bacon, Cheese and Egg waffle sandwich. I have to say, those are some really huge waffles! The bacon is not too greasy, and the egg wasn’t too bad. I just didn’t really like that they used processed cheese slices instead of just regular ol’ grated cheese.

My mom got a similar sandwich except hers is Spam, instead of bacon.

And for our dessert, my dad and I shared a Speculoos Cookie Butter sweet waffle sandwich.

I guess I sort of enjoyed my dining experience here at The Wicked Waffle… I mean, the food was absolutely delicious, but I didn’t really like the location/interior, and the staff kept joking around/calling each other names while there were still some diners inside, so I gave them minus points for that. But The Wicked Waffle is still excellent for those who are looking for a quick stomach-filler, and want something different aside from the usual burgers and hotdog sandwiches.

The Wicked Waffle is located at 3/F Eastwood CyberMall, E Rodriguez Ave Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 219-1975. Links: Twitter||Facebook


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