Shitamachi Chashu House

Is it just me, or are my pictures looking a little bit… Wider? (._.’’) Anyway…

After this entry, I’m going to have to take a very, veeerrryy short hiatus since I underwent a tooth extraction earlier and I’ll be stuck with eating nothing but soup and oatmeal for the next two weeks. But before my dental appointment, I was able to have lunch at this Japanese restaurant at The Podium called Shitamachi Chashu House. Chashu, aka braised rolled pork belly, is one of my favorite ramen toppings, so I was delighted to find a restaurant that specializes in it.

Shitamachi only uses the finest ingredients for their authentic Japanese comfort food. They prepare their dishes by using artisanal methods. In this restaurant, chashu is prepared in a variety of different ways – As a donburi topping, as a sandwich filling with tomatoes, onions, lettuce and Japanese mayo, as an ingredient in salad together with eggs, corn, and tomatoes, or stir-fried with spicy kimchi. Basically, in this restaurant, the humble chashu takes center stage. ^^


Menu: Appetizers (chicken karaage, cereal prawn balls), Salad, Ramen (tan tan men), Donburi (grilled salmon don, chashu don), Sandoicchi (chashu sandwich), Side orders (black chahan, grilled chashu), Drinks, and Dessert.

We were given these crisps as an appetizer. It was tasty, and it came with three wonderful dipping sauces.

I ordered their Tsukemen. The ramen noodles were not too thin and not too thick, and the katsuboshi soup was deliciously tangy too. The chashu, which has been steeped in hours in a special homemade shoyu broth consisting of organic soy sauce, natural sea salt, and seasonings, melts in your mouth. They could’ve added a few more chashu pieces since it’s their specialty, after all.

Gyoza. I thought it was fine, but my parents thought it was a tad too salty? IDK.

Tempura Udon. This came with kamaboko slices on an Udon Dashi-based soup. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to finish the thick noodles since we were still feeling a little bit full from our McDonald’s breakfast. What a waste! T_T But the tempura was REALLY crunchy though, probably the crunchiest tempura we’ve ever tried. And the tiger prawns that they used for the tempura were huge, as well. The dipping sauce for the tempura had a light taste, very different from the usual tempura dipping sauce.

I have to say, Shitamachi Chashu House is one of The Podium’s more underrated restaurants. They serve great food, the staff is attentive/hospitable, and the ambiance isn’t that bad. I would recommend this restaurant to Japanese food lovers everywhere.

Shitamachi Chashu House is located at 5/F The Podium, ADB Ave Wack Wack, Mandaluyong. Tel no: (02) 571 4568. Links: Facebook.


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