Recess by Chef Chris

For my mom’s birthday, we went to Makati and had lunch at this new restaurant called Recess by Chef Chris. This restaurant is owned by Italian chef Chris Locher and Scott Tan, and serves pasta, rice meals, burgers, and Chef Chris’ signature panizzas.

Since the resto’s name is Recess, the interior is school-inspired (And we ate here on the first week of June! How fitting!). They have a private function room, as well as a bar. But this restaurant’s dishes are far from the 50-peso meals served at school cafeterias.

Menu: The Original, Pinoy Originals, Appetizers, Salads, Bowl, Burger Land, Pasta Corner, Main Course (vegetarian, fish, pork, chicken, beef, lamb). Drinks include cold beverages, fresh fruit juices and shakes, mineral or sparkling water, chilled juices, tea, coffee, and milk shakes.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of ‘Breaking Bad’ (or if chemistry just happens to be your favorite school subject), then you will probably like the menu’s design. ^^;

Large slices of bread for our appetizer, which could actually pass as a meal in itself.

French Onion Soup, with slow caramelized onions simmered in beef broth, and topped with croutons made from gruyere cheese. I love French onion soup, so I absolutely couldn’t pass this up.

Recess Risotto Orbs, crispy fried Italian rice balls, with two cheese, chorizo and herbs. This dish surprised me since I never would’ve imagined that it was possible to form risotto into balls. The rice wasn’t overcooked (tutong) and it wasn’t mushy either. It goes really well with the pomodoro dipping sauce. A perfect appetizer.

Gold AU 79. This panizza is topped with barbecued chicken, Swiss brown mushrooms, corn kernels, red onions, and jalapeno peppers. Its ultra-thin dough is made out of oat wheat. I didn’t like that the panizza’s edges were slightly burnt, but other than that, it was great! You put arugula and alfalfa sprouts on top of your panizza strip and roll it up, a lot similar to Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla pizza.

Our waitress suggested that we try their Spaghetti Verena for our pasta. This pasta contains anchovies sautéed in virgin olive oil, garlic, salmon, rapini, broccoli flowers, asparagus, and fresh mushrooms. Hmmm. The pasta itself is good, but the huge chunks of salmon definitely need more salt. I could barely taste the anchovies too.

I’m just really glad that Chef Chris decided to open one of his restaurants within proximity. I’ve been hearing raves about his other restaurant, My Kitchen, and wanted to visit that place so bad, but it seemed really impossible for me since it was located all the way in Paco, Manila. Now I can try his famous panizzas thanks to Recess, and I have to say that it deserves a final grade of A+.

Recess by Chef Chris is located at 50 Jupiter St, Bel-Air, Makati. Tel no: (02) 899-1818. Links: Facebook.


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