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Triple O’s by White Spot

Triple O’s by White Spot is a burger joint found in Canada. With the exception of Tim Horton’s, I am not really familiar with restaurants and food chains that are based in Canada, so the name of this place was new to me.

Interior. I learned that Triple O’s by White Spot started off as a travelling lunch counter by a man named Nat Bailey. Nat’s energy, along with his passion for service, enabled him to open up the first White Spot drive-in in Vancouver, back in 1928. It became Canada’s very first drive-in. It now has 130 restaurants found in Canada, and all over Asia.

Hamburgers are the best-selling item in their menu, and that’s because of their secret sauce. No poutine, unfortunately. Getting myself a fish sandwich and their sweet potato fries next time!

Here’s my lunch! Spicy Ultimate Crunch, large piping hot onion rings, and a strawberry milkshake. I think the sandwich’s size makes up for its price (our entire meal amounted to PhP 700, a bit more expensive than Caliburger). It was definitely filling, that’s for sure. The chicken fillet was not as spicy as I expected it to be (maybe I’m just so used to eating spicy food now), but it had a nice crunch to it.

My mom tried their one-piece Buttermilk Chicken. It looked a bit dry on the outside, but she really liked it. I guess it was juicy on the inside.

Triple O’s burgers tend to be on the costly side, and I think that’s the reason why the place isn’t really getting enough customers. A little adjustment with the food’s price won’t hurt ^^

Triple O’s by White Spot is located at 3/F SM Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. Links: Official website || Facebook || Twitter.

Chef Lau Pugon Roasters

We had to walk all the way from H.V de la Costa to the Ayala Triangle just to try Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters. I admit, I’ve always been curious about this restaurant, even back then when the place was still known as Chef Lau’s B-Fast. We ate here during dinner, and it felt really good to visit Ayala Triangle again after a long while.

Interior. You pay for your food as you order.

Menu: Pugon roasters, Sisig fest, Chicken! Chicken!, Merienda, Pinoy breakfast (silog selections, special breakfast items).

Everything, from the interiors to the menu, is a huge contrast to Chef Lau’s other restaurant, Guevarra’s.

Pork Liempo Roast, with a cup of rice. It was delicious, but nothing special.

Sizzling Angus Beef Sisig. This dish had a nice, somewhat soupy consistency because of the sauce. The beef slices were soooooo tender, and had a nice full-bodied taste. It goes really well with the bowl of rice that it was served with.

Chunky Chicken Croquetas. You would think that this is just an appetizer, but nope – This one ALSO came with a bowl of rice! Dang. The croquettes had a lovely crunch to them, and were filled with chicken chunks and cream.

Some Pancit Lukban for mom. I probably would’ve taken a bite if I wasn’t so busy with my rice and liempo, since I really love thin noodles.

For dessert, we had this sinfully delicious slice of White Chocolate Cheesecake.

So if you’re on a tight budget and still want to enjoy some tasty, pugon-roasted Pinoy food, then Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters is the perfect place for you. Service is excellent too! ^^

Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters is located at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave Bel-Air, Makati. Tel no: (02) 621-6100. Links: Facebook || Twitter


I came back to Megamall this morning to accompany my parents to an appointment. I was feeling mad hungry at that time, and since we made plans to visit Buffet 101 later in the evening for Father’s Day dinner, I wanted to eat something really light for brunch. My mom suggested that we go to Lucca, a small bakery/café found in Mega’s Fashion Hall.


Look at these delicious pastries! I love baked goods. Don’t you? ^^

Menu: All day breakfast (monte cristo), Sandwiches (buffalo chicken sandwich), Dips (spinach artichoke), Soups (chicken noodle soup), Garlic fries, Pizza (white pizza, spicy sausage and honey), Pasta (shrimp ala chorizo, lasagna, mushroom cream), Salads (beet and arugula, mushroom and bacon).

Pesto pasta with linguine, roast chicken, and pesto. Unfortunately it tasted bland, and my mom found a small piece of bone in one of the chicken strips.

Meatloaf Sandwich with baked meatloaf, mozzarella, gravy, and ciabatta. There are three things that I love about this sandwich: 1.) The ciabatta bread’s freshness, 2.) The extreme gooeyness of the cheese, and 3.) The meatloaf is minced and not cut into slices, like a typical meatloaf sandwich.

Passion Fruit Tea. Slightly disappointed with this one, was expecting it to have a refreshing, fruity taste.

Salted Caramel Chocolate, which went really well with both my sandwich and my pasta. It was a little bit too sweet though, but other than that, it was fine.

Lucca is a great place to visit if you want to have a light meal, or if you’re looking for a spot to hang out with your friends, and bond over some pastries and a cup of coffee. They still have some other dishes and pastries that I really want to try, so I’m coming back there for sure.

Lucca is located at 4/F SM Mega Fashion Hall, EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City. You can also find them at the UP Town Center.

Tim Ho Wan

And so… We did it.

We gathered enough courage, braved the crowd, and stood in line for two hours, just to see what Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong’s Michelin Star dimsum restaurant, has to offer.

Ever since it opened, I have always wondered why this restaurant has attracted crowds. Is it because Pinoys are familiar with the concept of Michelin stars and the Michelin Guide? Have they heard about the resto through their friends, relatives, or favorite celebrities? Or simply because the place is still new and well, you know how people are when it comes to new things, or new places.

So anyway, we decided to head over to Tim Ho Wan earlier today to have brunch. Even though we came in really early, there was already a fairly long line waiting outside. The line got twice as long when lunch time came. The ordering procedure was pretty strict—You can’t make multiple orders of one dish, and you can’t even order them for takeout. I’m sure there’s more, but those are the ones I heard when I was standing in line. ^^;

The restaurant opened up at 11:30. This is the only shot that I could get of the interior, since we were seated outside of the resto. As you can see, it’s quite crowded.

Menu shot. Their menu items are very limited, none of those fancy-schmancy dishes that you can find in high-class Chinese restaurants, like Peking Duck, shark’s fin soup, etc. They don’t even have a lot of rice meals. Just a whole assortment of dimsum (both steamed and deep-fried), a type of soup, and two desserts. Another thing that surprised me is that the menu items are cheap.

Tim Ho Wan’s famous Baked Bun with BBQ Pork. This was amazing – The bun itself had a nice, slightly crumbly texture, with a light, milky taste. The filling was really savory and sweet.

Prawn Dumplings (for mom) and Dumpling Teochew Style (for myself). The dumplings weren’t too bad; I really like the translucent skins that they used. I was surprised when I found out that the Teochew dumplings had nuts inside.

Congee with Lean Pork, Century Egg, and Salted Egg. The congee bowl was a little bit small and didn’t have enough ingredients, but it was still packed with flavor.

Rice with Beef and Fried Egg. Oh, wow. “Tender” is an understatement when it comes to the beef. It had a soft, almost jelly-like consistency. The long-grain rice was really fragrant too.

Their iced tea tasted like… Well, iced tea, mixed with some orange juice.

To conclude this entry, I would like to give myself a pat on the back for having enough patience to stand in line for two whole hours. ^^; It’s definitely worth it—The presentation of Tim Ho Wan’s food may look simple, but the taste is extraordinary. I’ll be sure to come back… But probably when the hype is done and the lines have died down. ^^;

Tim Ho Wan is located at UG/F SM Megamall, Fashion Hall, Julia Vargas Ave cor EDSA Wack Wack, Mandaluyong.


The last time we ate at Crisostomo was back in 2011, after I attended an event in Eastwood’s Open Park… Yet I could still remember both the atmosphere and the food that we ate. I had an amazing time during our first meal at Crisostomo, and I promised to give them a second try after I opened up this blog. That opportunity came earlier today, when we decided to have lunch there before attending Sunday mass.

Interior. It was dimly-lit inside (probably because we ate there during lunch time, and it was still high noon). It was also very humid—Good thing our table was positioned right beneath one of their air conditioners.

Menu: Appetizer, vegetables, Salad, Rice, Soup, Main dishes, Plates, Noodles, and Beverages.

Almost all of their dishes are named after Philippine historical figures, and characters from Rizal’s novels, and other famous Philippine novels like Ibong Adarna, Florante at Laura, etc.

For lunch, I had their Don Juan, their take on inihaw na liempo. I like my liempo with a bit of fat, so I didn’t really enjoy this dish very much. I should’ve tried their sisig instead. The liempo was still good, though.

My parents had the Munggo de Mariano, sabaw ng munggo with large pieces of chicharon and tuyo fillet. They also tried the Corregidor, which is Crisostomo’s version of the dinuguan, with garlic and vinegar.

For my drink/dessert, I had their Chocomani, a chocnut-based smoothie. Deeeelicious. My mom also tried their kamias juice.

So like I said earlier, this is only the second time that we’ve been to Crisostomo – But honestly, I think I liked the food choices from our previous trip more. ^^; But Crisostomo is still a great place to enjoy satisfying Filipino cuisine.

Crisostomo is located at 2/F Eastwood Mall-Veranda, E Rodriguez Jr Ave Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 710-1693. You can also find them at Resort’s World Manila, and Alabang Town Center.

Izumi Curry and Grill

 photo 06072014_11_zps1a28a1ff.jpg

After visiting the dentist for the third time this year, we headed over to Izumi Curry and Grill at The Podium to have dinner. I wanted to give this restaurant a try after it got featured on a cable channel.

The two grandsons of a famous pastry-maker in Osaka opened up their first Izumi Curry shop in 2007, naming the shop after their grandfather. Fun fact: Izumi is also Japanese for ‘wind’. Curry is actually a popular dish in Japan, and is eaten 125 times each year. Curry is usually eaten by children, and comes in three forms: Curry rice, curry udon (thick noodles), and curry pan (I’m guessing this is bread? IDK.)

Izumi Curry always ensures that their dishes do not contain MSG, have large servings with creative toppings, and have the perfect combination of spiciness and fruity taste (fruity? eh? *confused* o_o). Aside from the Philippines and Japan, Izumi Curry’s branches are also found in Hong Kong.

 photo 06072014_10_zps207e4214.jpg

 photo 06072014_9_zps3599c54d.jpg

 photo 06072014_5_zps208236b3.jpg


 photo 06072014_2_zpsbf58cb33.jpg

 photo 06072014_3_zps9533db6c.jpg

 photo 06072014_4_zps2cb255ad.jpg

Menu: Megabeef steak curry, Ebi katsu curry, grilled chicken curry, Tofu katsu curry, Toro toro omu curry, Mixed vegetable curry, Tonkatsu, Chicken katsu, Ebi katsu, Fish katsu, Tofu katsu, Grill (hamburger steak grill, chicken teppan, US ribeye steak), Donburi (gyudon, ebi fry don), Soup (pork tonkatsu udon curry, chicken tonkatsu udon curry, ebi fry udon curry, plain udon curry), Salad (mixed green salad), Dessert, Add-ons.

 photo 06072014_6_zps7e8bd0a1.jpg

… A small plate of Gyoza, naturally.

 photo 06072014_8_zpsb71025b2.jpg

Pork katsu curry with egg – Breaded US pork served over Japanese rice, topped with curry sauce and scrambled eggs. The katsu slices were large and thick. Unfortunately I was a little bit underwhelmed with the katsu’s taste—It wasn’t as tender as I expected. However, the rice and the curry were amazing! Izumi’s curry takes 7 hours to prepare. It’s filled with different spices and vegetables, and slow cooked to perfection. Some of these spices and veggies include carrots, onions, and potatoes.

 photo 06072014_7_zps063c171c.jpg

Fish katsu curry – Breaded fish fillet served over Japanese rice, also topped with curry sauce. It was very crunchy, but the fish itself lacked a little bit of flavor. But of course, the curry sauce gave life to this dish.

Admittedly, this is the first time that I’ve been to a Japanese curry restaurant, and although some of their dishes could use a little more salt, I was satisfied with my meal. I want to recommend Izumi Curry and Grill to those who love Japanese cuisine, but want to try something new and out-of-the-ordinary.

Izumi Curry and Grill is located at 5/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave Wack Wack, Mandaluyong. Tel no: (02) 571-7992