The last time we ate at Crisostomo was back in 2011, after I attended an event in Eastwood’s Open Park… Yet I could still remember both the atmosphere and the food that we ate. I had an amazing time during our first meal at Crisostomo, and I promised to give them a second try after I opened up this blog. That opportunity came earlier today, when we decided to have lunch there before attending Sunday mass.

Interior. It was dimly-lit inside (probably because we ate there during lunch time, and it was still high noon). It was also very humid—Good thing our table was positioned right beneath one of their air conditioners.

Menu: Appetizer, vegetables, Salad, Rice, Soup, Main dishes, Plates, Noodles, and Beverages.

Almost all of their dishes are named after Philippine historical figures, and characters from Rizal’s novels, and other famous Philippine novels like Ibong Adarna, Florante at Laura, etc.

For lunch, I had their Don Juan, their take on inihaw na liempo. I like my liempo with a bit of fat, so I didn’t really enjoy this dish very much. I should’ve tried their sisig instead. The liempo was still good, though.

My parents had the Munggo de Mariano, sabaw ng munggo with large pieces of chicharon and tuyo fillet. They also tried the Corregidor, which is Crisostomo’s version of the dinuguan, with garlic and vinegar.

For my drink/dessert, I had their Chocomani, a chocnut-based smoothie. Deeeelicious. My mom also tried their kamias juice.

So like I said earlier, this is only the second time that we’ve been to Crisostomo – But honestly, I think I liked the food choices from our previous trip more. ^^; But Crisostomo is still a great place to enjoy satisfying Filipino cuisine.

Crisostomo is located at 2/F Eastwood Mall-Veranda, E Rodriguez Jr Ave Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 710-1693. You can also find them at Resort’s World Manila, and Alabang Town Center.


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