House of Lasagna

House of Lasagna occupies a small nook in SM Megamall. It first started out in 2009 as an Italian-inspired restaurant located in Little Baguio, San Juan. This restaurant is owned by Chef Erick Congmon, a member of the Congmon family in Cebu – The Congmon family is famous for their Sunburst Fried Chicken chain, which is found all over the Visayas region.

Exterior/Interior shot.

Menu: Starters (Appetizers – southern style fried chicken skin, southern style calamari, Soups, Salads), Lasagnas (beef lasagna, chicken lasagna, carbonara lasagna, lasagne frederico), Chef’s Pasta (baked mac & cheese, southern fried chicken, southern fried chicken platter), Dessert (blueberry cheesecake, oreo cheesecake), Beverages, and Extras.

Pesto Lasagna, served on a hot plate (literally hot—I could see the pesto sauce bubbling a tad bit when it was placed on our table). This one in particular is made with the freshest basil leaves, pine nuts, crushed garlic, and drenched in extra-virgin olive oil between layers of al dente pasta. The size of the serving was just right. Their lasagnas are filled with delicious savory cheese and herbs, served straight from the oven. The menu says that it comes with garlic bread, but we didn’t get any (unfortunately).

Clam Chowder for our soup.

Perfectly seasoned Potato Wedges. The honey mustard dressing was spectacular. The wedges themselves were a mixture of thick-cut ones, and paper-thin ones. I loved the variety when it came to the thickness of the slices.

For our drinks, we tried their Bubble Iced Tea, which turned out to be just plain old iced tea—I was expecting the milky/fruity Taiwanese ones with tapioca pearls mixed in.

That wasn’t so bad! It was a light, but satisfying meal. Make sure you order some dessert because the amount of cheese used in their lasagna will give you a slightly queasy feeling after eating. But to be honest, I found it really heartwarming how Chef Erick and the rest of the Congmon family were willing to share some of their family recipes to the rest of the country. ^^

… And now I’m hoping that they’d open the very first Sunburst Fried Chicken branch here in Manila, hehe.

House of Lasagna is located at the Lower Ground floor of SM Megamall. Links: Facebook.


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