Spring by Ha Yuan

So we went to Makati earlier today, and even though I wanted to visit a restaurant found inside San Antonio village, somehow we ended up visiting SM Jazz mall for the very first time. SM Jazz turned out to be a bigger and fancier version of their Hypermarket. It was quite empty inside, but that’s absolutely fine with me, since I tend not to stay in crowded malls very much. Aside from that, I also enjoyed seeing restaurants that aren’t usually found in other SM hypermarkets.

I was supposed to do reviews for two restaurants inside SM Jazz, but later on I found out that one of them had closed down, and the other one was just way too expensive/classy for my taste. I still had five others to choose from, but I ended up going to Spring by Ha Yuan, which specializes in Chinese cuisine.


Menu: The kapao bar (monk’s choice, chili crab, lah!), Dimsum (whole wheat vegetarian pao, fried tofu), Lumpia bar (ha yuan fresh amoy lumpia,, lah-lah land popia, xo seafood lumpia), Noodles (monk’s bowl, monk’s plate), Rice bowl (mapo tofu rice), Roasts, Family style (sweet and sour fish fillet, salted fish fried rice)

Shark’s Fin Siomai for our appetizer.

Yummy Yang Chow Fried Rice – Unlike other types of yang chow fried rice, this one wasn’t greasy at all, which was awesome.

The fried rice was paired up with Taosi Fish Fillet with Tofu.

Meanwhile, I had their Zha Jiang Mian – Hand-ground pork in bean sauce, with shaved cucumber and bean sprouts. It could use a little more sauce, but it was still delicious. The noodles were extra springy too.

Our meal in Spring was just simple, and filling. They didn’t really have any customers when we came in for lunch, but props to their staff for being so hospitable and friendly towards the diners.

Spring by Ha Yuan is located at SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia Corner Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City.


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