Situated in the cool, breezy ridge of Tagaytay is Pamana, a Filipino restaurant owned by the Ongpauco family (of Barrio Fiesta/Singing Cooks and Waiters fame). Pamana’s menu consists of a collection of the family’s own homemade recipes, as well as recipes from some of their closest friends and relatives. As I said in one of my previous entries, I find it cute when families who specialize in the food/restaurant business find the opportunity to share their recipes with everyone.

The restaurant, which is styled like an old ancestral house, has three floors. The first floor has a store where you can buy some trinkets and candies. The walls of the resto are decorated with the Ongpauco family’s pictures and mementos.

Menu: Starters (lumpia trio, adobo flakes, taal’s spicy tawilis), Hot old fashioned soup (nilagang bulalo, tinanglarang manok, kansi, bulalong monggo and adobo flakes), Sinigang my way or no way, Native salad and greens (ensaladang bagnet, fresh lumpiang ubod salad, legaspi city’s famous laing), Our heritage (three-way adobo ni lola, manila’s original crispy pata, leyte’s humba, pamana’s original bagnet, seafood pochero, the best kare-kare), Inasal inihaw prito, 4-way cochinillo al horno, Rice & noodles (pamana choriburger rice, seafood paella, my adobo rice), Mama Liberty’s beverage, Merienda specials, and Our childhood sweet memories (pampanga’s bibingka, puto bumbong, baked guimaras mangoes ala mode).

For my lunch, I had their Pampanga’s Sizzling Sisig at Aligue. ‘Aligue’ is the Tagalog word for crab fat, so I guess it’s safe to say that my meal was delightfully cholesterol-laden. *gags* As with all types of sisig, this one goes really well with a steaming bowl of plain rice.

We also had their Chicken Binakol – Chicken cooked in young coconut juice.

Boneless Bangus ala Pobre.

For my drink, I had their Chocnut Shake. It was… Great, but I felt like it lacked something? :\

This is my dessert – My Very Own Homemade Icecream, Quezo trio flavor. You have absolutely no idea how happy I was when I saw this on their menu. To eat cheese-flavored ice cream inside a roll of bread has always been one of my biggest food-related wishes. It was just as good as I expected. You can also get the ice cream in a wafer cone, of course.

The welcoming staff, home-cooked food, and cheerful ambiance at Pamana won’t make you feel like you’re just a regular diner inside a typical Filipino restaurant. It will make you feel like you’re a special visitor dining inside the Ongpauco household. If you have a balikbayan friend or relative who wants to experience true Filipino hospitality and cuisine, then Pamana is the place to be.

Pamana is located at Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay City, Cavite. Tel no: (046) 413-1885. Official website:


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