La Creperie

La Creperie is a French café that specializes in serving crepe dishes (hence the name) – Savory ones, sweet ones, all served with fresh ingredients and a delicious French twist. This isn’t my first time visiting their branch in Robinson’s Galleria—I remember eating one of their fish dishes during my first visit, and… Yeah. It didn’t really taste that good. 😐 But I decided to give them another chance today.

It’s a small place, so I only took two pictures of the interior.

Menu: Galettes de Sarassin (lulu, italienne, savoyarde, quatre fromages, fantina), Les gastronomiques (super mer, simple, le f.f., Hungarian, crevette, angus beef), Gourmet crepes sucrees (salidou, blueberry banana, coco crepe-aroon, churro crepe, crepas de cajetas, super Christine, crepe brulee with strawberry and banana, mango peach nutella, mango hazelnut au chocolat, apple crisp ala mode, double chocolate fudge brownie crepe, strawberry mango jubilee, the spoiled mummy), Faite la vous meme!, La petit dejeuner (la petit dejeuner aux Philippines, banana walnut, la pomme, mango nutella), Les soupes (soup of the day), Les salades composees (salade nicoise, chicken ceasar salad, shrimp with mango, salad lyonnaise), Les pates (Bolognese, telefono style, truffled mushroom sausage, shrimp aligue and lemon zest), Sides, Hearty meals (sole meuniere, blanquette de boeuf, coq au vin), Les burgers (premium wagyu beef burger, mini burgers), Ice cream delights (ice cream delights by the scoop, fudge sundae, brownie sundae, banana split), Les jus de fruits (strawberry balsamic), La chocolat chaud (Angelina’s, Angelina’s express, frozen hot chocolate), Le café (café de Cuba, café viennois, café affogato), Les boissons

Some creamy, heartwarming Potato Soup for our starter. They had French Onion Soup on their menu and I wanted to order some since I’ve been craving it for the past couple of days… Unfortunately, I had to skip it since it was quite expensive for a small bowl of soup. T_T

Pesto Cream Carbonara, al dente pasta mixed with ham and mushrooms. On the outside, it looks more like a carbonara pasta dish than a pesto pasta dish, but once you try it, you’ll discover the balance between the creamy carbonara sauce, and the fresh pesto sauce.

Oreo Cookies and Cream for our crepe – A marbled blend of regular sweet and chocolate crepe batters with crushed Oreo cookies, with bittersweet chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I can’t really describe what I felt while eating this crepe. Just pure heaven.

What a surprise! Maybe I just ended up picking the wrong dish when I first dined here. Everything we ate was just truly awesome. I would like to suggest La Creperie if you’ve got a hankering for some delicious pastries/crepes, or if you’re looking for a nice place to spend some quiet time by yourself.

La Creperie is located at Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Ave. cor EDSA Ugong Norte, Quezon City.


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