Phat Pho

Phat Pho is a small Vietnamese restaurant found in Serendra. This restaurant started out in Cebu, and is currently owned by the Abaca Group, the same people behind 8 Cuts Burger Blends and a whole bunch of other restaurants that I’ve heard about, but have yet to try (someday, someday…). When I found out that we were heading off to BGC earlier today, I ended up picking Phat Pho out of the dozens of other restaurants that I wanted to review in the area.

The interior was quite cramped, which made me slightly uncomfortable. Not to mention there was a group of EXTREMELY loud and chatty middle-aged ladies sitting right next to our table -_- I couldn’t concentrate on my food since they were making so much noise -_-

Menu: Little dishes, Rice paper rolls (goi cuon), Noodle soup (pho), Eat pho like a pro, Noodle bowls (bun), and Specialties).

Pho Bo Vien – Classic beef pho with a beef-based broth. We asked the waitress to split this into two bowls, but she didn’t really pay attention to our instructions, and we ended up having to divide it by ourselves. -_- The Vietnamese meatballs were alright, but they were a little tough to chew and apparently had little pieces of bone inside them (although I didn’t really feel any rock-hard bits while I was munching on them)

Crispy Spring Rolls filled with pork and shrimp, noodles, and wood ear mushrooms for our appetizer. It wasn’t anything special.

This is their Saigon Baguette Banh Mi, which is the dish that I liked the most. The baguette bread was nice and crispy. The coriander, pickled carrots, daikon raddish, and shaved cucumber slices were all fresh. I also liked the little chunks of pate, cha lua, meatballs, and shaved ham found inside the sandwich.

Some Bon Bo Hue for dad, since they didn’t have seafood soup on the menu. This pho has a spicy pork and beef-based broth. Floating inside the broth are some pork knuckles, braised beef slices, and tendon.

Bland Lemon Tea for my drink.

Well, the food was just alright, but the staff’s inattentiveness to our simple requests and the loud, slightly muddled atmosphere (no thanks to the noisy group of ladies) didn’t make my dining experience at Phat Pho enjoyable. Although admittedly, there are still some dishes that I want to try, so I won’t hesitate giving this place a second chance.

Phat Pho is located at Serendra, 11th Ave, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Tel no: (02) 804-1646.


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