Sci-Fi Cafe

It’s a restaurant!

It’s a diner!


… It’s Sci-Fi Café! This is a small café in Robinson’s Galleria with a unique theme—Comic Books and Sci-Fi movies (as you can tell from its name). The café’s quirky name and concept fascinated me, plus the location is very accessible, so I decided that I had to visit this place.

Once you step inside, you will be greeted by rows upon rows of glass shelves filled with toys and action figures. Most of these action figures are comprised of Star Wars collectibles, Disney toys/dolls, and of course, superhero action figures.

But some of the toys that are displayed here are not just meant to be stared at, oh no. You can browse through their collection of books, hold and play around with the displayed movie props, and even dress up in different costumes (just ask the staff!). You can also walk around the café and take close-up pictures of the toys. While we were having lunch, a few families came inside just to look at the array of toys.

… Or you can just stay in your seat and watch a free movie while enjoying your meal. ^^

Menu: Starters (save the world platter), Pizzas (planet of the shrimps, two face double treat), Burgers (heroes’ breakfast, hellboyburger), Pastas (sebastian, the godfather), Meals (total recall cheesy chick, the chickenator, under the sea, twin ufos), Others (I am your father package), and Drinks.

I tried their Macha Rock Salt and Cheese drink. It tasted and looked average.

The Greench – Garlic pesto pasta with Hungarian sausage slices. Delicious.

I had the Dr. Porkchop, which consists of two slabs of grilled pork steak served with savory gravy and thick-cut fries. It may look appetizing, but the porkchop’s meat was so TOUGH, I couldn’t even slice it with my knife. -_- It didn’t taste bad, I just didn’t like the texture of the pork. The gravy didn’t taste like anything either – It was too insipid, but I still dipped my fries and porkchop slices in it.

The Two Towers, a combination of onion rings and squid rings served with lime, honey mustard sauce, and more fries.

Leathery porkchop aside, I had an excellent time here at Sci-Fi Café. It just has a really nice friendly and relaxing vibe, like a place where you can gather all of your friends and talk about all sorts of things. Plus the impressive assortment of toys and other superhero collectibles makes this place a paradise for comic book fans, toy enthusiasts, and pop culture savants everywhere.

Sci-Fi Cafe is located at 4/F East Wing, Robinson’s Galleria. EDSA corner, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City. Tel no: 0920-964-8211. Links: Facebook.


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