Katsu Sora

Katsu Sora is a restaurant that serves four—count ‘em—four types of katsu: The Japanese Kurobuta pork, the Canadian Sakura pork, and two types of Spanish pork: Shimofuri and Iberico.

To summarize everything quickly, Kurobuta, also known as the ‘Wagyu of pork’, is made from the highly-marbled meat of Berkshire pigs. Shimofuri comes from Spanish Duroc pigs, and also called the ‘black Angus of pork’ because of its flavorful taste. Iberico, the other type of Spanish pork, has a texture similar to butter and is highly coveted for its meat. Surprisingly, it lowers bad cholesterol because Iberico meat is rich in oleic acid. And lastly, Sakura pork from Canada has a lighter color and a firmer texture since the pigs are fed with barley.


Another thing that sets this restaurant apart from the other katsu places is the unlimited rice/miso soup/salad buffet.

Menu: Salad & dressing, Soup, Rice, Tonkatsu, Otameshi set, Katsu, Oroshikatsu, Miso katsu, Mille feuille, Katsudon, Curry, Menehi katsu burger, Katsu sandwich, Kids meal, Side dish, and Dessert.

A tall glass of iced tea for my drink.

For our appetizer, we had their Chicken Tatsuaage, aka Japanese-style fried chicken. These boneless pieces of chicken meat are marinated inside a special soy sauce and garlic concoction, then coated with flour and fried in light oil. It was served piping hot and fresh with a sweet chili sauce dip.

Mom and I shared this Iberico Pork Tonkatsu Set, which came with miso soup, salad, hot tea, and a bowl of Juugokokumai rice. As far as I know, Katsu Sora is the only katsu place here in the PH that uses Iberico pork for their katsu. According to their menu, Iberico is the most sought-after pork meat in the world! ^^ So I guess I have to say that I’m really lucky that I got to taste such high-quality meat. I also liked the Juugokokumai rice. This rice is filled with 15 different grains like corn, millet, black beans and sesame seeds – So not only is it tasty and filling, it’s also healthy for you! Hooray!

The katsu slices were very, very crunchy, and the meat practically melts in your mouth. I’ve tried other types of katsu but I have to say… This one definitely takes the cake. Its texture really does remind you of butter. It also has the right amount of meat and fat. And it tastes really spectacular if you dip it in their sweet yet tangy katsu sauce.

Chicken Katsu Set. The chicken katsu was actually just as tender as the Iberico katsu, but I could barely taste the cheese and seaweed found inside. ._.

I think it’s safe to say that my parents and I were more than happy and satisfied with our lunch here at Katsu Sora. I think this restaurant does live up to its name (with ‘sora’ translating to ‘sky’ in Japanese) – It will take you to katsu heaven once you give it a try.

Katsu Sora is located at Greenhills Shopping Center, Promenade Greenhills, San Juan. Tel no: (02) 925-1411.


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