Tokyo Tonteki

Tired of eating the same crunchy breaded pork cutlet, or grilled pork chops? How about trying some pork loin steak instead? Tokyo Tonteki, located in UP Town Center, is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in a different kind of meal – Tonteki, also known as pork loin steak!

The story of Tokyo Tonteki started out when Japanese chef Shusaku Namikawa set out on a quest to search for the most perfect tonteki, after trying it for the very first time while staying in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Even though he loved the tonteki that he ate while he was in Mie, Shusaku wanted to create his own version of the tonteki, with thicker cuts, and a juicier, more distinct flavor. He eventually got to accomplish this goal after years of research, by concocting his own signature tonteki sauce made from a blend of aged fruits and vegetables, and Japanese seasonings and spices. Shusaku’s tonteki became an instant hit, and he opened his very first Tokyo Tonteki branch in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Tokyo Tonteki uses the finest pork loin with just right amount of fat and marbling for their steaks – This guarantees excellent flavor. Temperature is kept low during the cooking process, so the flavor is locked inside the meat. Afterwards, the tonteki is marinated in the restaurant’s signature sauce. The end result is delicate, flavorful, and perfect pork loin steak.

Interior. The kitchen was really large.

Menu: Tonteki sets, Tonburg sets, Chicken steak sets, Starters, Katsu sets, Side dishes, Salads, Rice, Dessert, and Beverage.

Here’s our Chopped Tonteki Set, with a shredded lettuce forest! I was really surprised by the pork steak’s texture – I thought I was going to have a hard time eating this dish, but it turns out, the pieces of lean pork steak were nicely chewy. I know I’ve mentioned several times that I like my pork with a bit of fat—And this is something that the tonteki pieces lacked. But I still enjoyed eating this dish! As expected, it tasted really well when eaten with Japanese rice, hehe.

Chicken Karaage, breaded and fried chicken chunks served with a side of shredded cabbage. I only got to try one piece. It wasn’t too bad.

Special Fried Rice, Pork Miso Soup and a small dish filled with pickled cucumbers.

For our appetizer, we tried the Spring Roll of Prosciutto, Avocado, and Onsen Egg. It has a very smooth, refreshing taste, which goes really well with the slightly salty-tasting pork steak. The prosciutto ham’s texture was also very chewy.

My bowl of rice and a glass of sweet Red Iced Tea.

If you’re a Japanese food lover who wants to try something else other than the usual katsu, sushi or ramen joint, then make sure to pay Tokyo Tonteki a visit! Personally, it felt really good to try something both new and familiar at the same time. The branch here in UP Town Center is their first one in the Philippines, so I’m wishing them the best of luck and hope that they’ll branch out, so others will get the opportunity to discover the flavorful taste of tonteki.

Tokyo Tonteki is located at the UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Links: Official website || Instagram: @tokyotontekiph.


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