Early Bird Breakfast Club

The owners of Early Bird Breakfast Club believe in the philosophy that a good breakfast equals to a good day ahead – And they try to accomplish this by providing their diners with the yummiest and most scrumptious breakfast foods that they can come up with.

I personally have a special fondness for restaurants that specialize in breakfast meals since I never get to eat breakfast that often (first meal of the day is usually brunch), so I was really excited when I heard that they would be opening up a new branch in Eastwood.

The interior makes the whole place look bright and sunny, even though it was already 6 in the evening when we ate there.

In keeping up with the breakfast theme, their menus are designed like newspapers. Nice!

Menu: Breakfast in bread (ultimate grilled cheese with roasted tomato soup), Breakfast and eggs, Healthy brekky, Bites of breakfast (bacon jam and breakfast pate), Sweet sweet breakfast, Breakfast of champions (the early bird full English), Early Bird signature drinks, Coolers, Coffee break, Teatime.

Eggs Benedict. The English muffin was soft and easy to slice through, plus the flavors of the honey ham, hollandaise sauce, and poached eggs all blended well together. The taste didn’t make me feel queasy at all, which is great.

This pretty lil’ dish right here is their famous Yin & Yang Champorado. Everything about this dish is truly buzz worthy: From the rich taste of the Belgian dark/white chocolate combo (combine it with the small serving of anchovies for a salty and slightly spicy kick!), to its look and presentation. They could’ve added a bit more champorado inside the jar, but other than that, this is truly a must-try.

And lastly, we had The Early Bird Toast – Two extra-large pieces of toast with sunny side up eggs inside – Kind of like a fancier egg-in-a-hole sandwich.

For my drink, I tried their version of the Butterbeer. That’s right – Butterbeer, as in the drink from the Harry Potter series! As a hardcore Potterhead, I knew I couldn’t pass the opportunity to try their Butterbeer – I even tried making some at home a few months ago, but it ended up looking like jelly with a weird butter taste, hehe. The Butterbeer had a nice, smooth taste similar to unsweetened caramel. I also love the little marshmallows mixed inside the froth on top of the drink.

The food was really great. But I have to admit, I found most of their dishes a little bit overpriced, since several of them can be easily made at home (without the fancy plating). But I would not hesitate to come back and try more of their breakfast creations.

Early Bird Breakfast Club is located at the G/F of Eastwood Mall, Eastwood Ave, Bagumbayan, Quezon City. You can also find them at Bonifacio Global City and Century City Mall. Links: Official website || Facebook


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