Chef’s Noodle

Chef’s Noodle is a restaurant owned by chef Choi In-sun, a popular celebrity chef from South Korea. Chef Choi is a staple in SK’s cooking shows/contests, and has garnered numerous awards for his delicious food. Chef’s Noodle started out as a noodle shop in January 2011. Thanks to chef Choi’s celebrity status, the first branch of Chef’s Noodle became an instant hit, and it even got to the point where five new branches were being opened each month! The restaurant currently has 65 branches in Seoul.

Chef’s Noodle opened their very first branch in Taft last September 2012. Chef Choi himself came over to create the restaurant’s personalized dishes, and to train the restaurant’s staff. Since Taft was too far, I headed over to their branch in Robinson’s Magnolia instead.

Interior. We ate there during lunchtime, but unfortunately, we were the only customers inside. :\

Menu: Appetizer, Chef’s Choice, Mains to share, Noodles, Rice meals, Donglyo meals.

I only wanted to try several of their dishes, but somehow we ended up ordering one of their Donglyo sets. We tried Option A, which consisted of the following: a bowl of Chef’s Noodle, Beef Curry, Bulgogi Kimbap, two bowls of rice, and two glasses of iced tea.

(Um…. I forgot to take a picture of the Bulgogi Kimbap. *bangs head on wall* Just imagine a regular kimbap with meat in the center instead of veggies!)

Beef Curry, mixed with egg rolls and veggies. You can barely taste the curry’s spiciness, but the beef slices were super tender. It goes well with a bowl of rice.

Chef’s Noodle. I didn’t get to try the resto’s signature dish that much since I was too busy with my sushi/bulgogi/beef curry. But according to my parents, the soup was a tad salty? And the noodles absorbed the soup too quickly, making them thick and soggy.

The money shot…

Blowtorched to perfection!

Starking Fire Sushi, another one of chef Choi’s handcrafted dishes. This one comes in three options – Shrimp, tuna, and beef (which I picked). The meat was a little bit tough, but it was still delicious. And for the K-Entertainment fans out there who think that the name of the dish seems a little bit familiar… Yes, it was named after the famous TV show.

Chocolatey Kitkat for my drink – Thickest bubble tea drink I’ve tried so far.

I felt really bad that this certain branch wasn’t getting the attention that it deserves, since their dishes are delicious, cheap, and unique. If I could, I would come back to Chef’s Noodle very often to try most of their creations.

Chef’s Noodle is located at LG/F Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd Kaunlaran, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 656-7033. You can also find them at Greenhills, University Mall, SM City North EDSA, and Z Square Mall. Links: Official Philippine Website || Facebook


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