Mochi Cream Cafe

Mochi Cream’s Japanese deli is very familiar to me since I always pass by their stalls whenever I go to the mall. I have actually tried mochi ice cream before, and I have to say that I like it so much more than the regular ice cream in cones/cups. When I spotted Mochi Cream’s café in SM Megamall, I got curious to find out what they had in store.


Some shots of the menu.

Not a lot of food, actually – Just some hot/cold drinks, pastries and of course, their mochi.

Matcha Latte and Hot Chocolate for our drinks. Not bad! I like how they were served in extra-large mugs, hehe.

This dish is called the Baumkuchen. According to their menu, this is supposed to be a combination of eggs Benedict and French toast. The two pieces of bread were extremely light and fluffy, kinda like a cleaning sponge. They used spicy sausage slices instead of ham for their eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce was nice and tangy.

Honey Cranberry Mochi for dessert.

I liked the food, but obviously, I didn’t feel very full after my meal so I had to go to the foodcourt to resume my lunch. Also, everything was horribly overpriced – I can’t believe we paid 700 bucks for such small (except for the drinks) servings. It’s like we paid for the food’s presentation, instead of the taste. Maybe they should just stick to selling their mochi in stalls…

Mochi Cream Cafe is located at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall. You can also find them at Robinson’s Magnolia, and Glorietta 2.


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