Pazzo Rollio

After our weekly trip to the grocery plus mom and dad’s visit to the dentist, we headed over to Pazzo Rollio’s branch in SM Hypermart for a snack. At first, I wanted to go to their branch at Robinson’s Magnolia, but I just visited their branch in Hypermart instead, since it’s nearer.

Pretty small interior.

Menu: Pazzo Rollio specials, Dessert pizza, Breakfast pizza, Pasta, Starters, Salad, and Gelato.

We ordered the Corleone’s Order for our pizza. The pizza itself was unbelievably paper-thin. The pizza toppings are composed of prosciutto ham, mushroom, onion, honey, and truffle oil drizzle.

You sprinkle alfalfa sprouts on your pizza, and roll it up.

And finally, Truffle Madness for our pasta. This dish is good enough for two. Mom really liked this dish, and so did I. The pasta had truffle cream sauce, mixed with parmesan cheese and mushrooms.

I really enjoyed my meal here at Pazzo Rollio, because of the food’s quality, taste, and its cheap price. In fact, I think their pizzas are a nicer, inexpensive alternative to Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla pizza. I think it’s safe to say that this won’t be our last visit to Pazzo Rollio, and I can’t wait to come back for more.

Pazzo Rollio is located at SM Hypermarket, Frontera Dr., Ugong, Pasig city. You can also find them at Robinson’s Magnolia.


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