7 Corners @ Crowne Plaza

We haven’t set foot in Crowne Plaza’s 7 Corners buffet since Christmas of 2011, where we unexpectedly paid a huge amount of money because it was Christmas Eve. Now, we came back because it’s been a year since I started working at my current job, and I wanted to celebrate it in an ostentatious way.

Of course, since this is a buffet, I only got a few pictures of their interior. Oh, and it just so happened that my parents and I were lucky enough to be seated beside… The owner. Y’know. THE OWNER. If you guys haven’t got a clue who I’m talking about, I’ll give you a small hint: Crowne Plaza is owned by Robinson’s Group of Companies.

… Anywaaaaaay, the current buffet had a Spanish theme going on, which was awesome since aside from the usual paella, I haven’t gotten the chance to try their dishes or visit a Spanish restaurant.

Steak, medium-rare. Truly a piece of heaven for carnivores such as myself.

My first plate consisted of Biryani rice, two slices of pizza, potato slices with spicy chorizo, and a piece of Spanish croquette made out of fish. The croquette wasn’t that good, but the rest of the food in this plate was just amazing! The pizza slices weren’t too thick, and had the right amount of softness. The potatoes/chorizo was perfectly cooked too.

Two plates of seafood, mostly oysters and grilled shrimp for dad. Finally got to try lobster for the very first time! ^^

Another plate of biryani, and two pieces of naan bread. Back in 2011, I got to try their version of the chappati and it came with an assortment of dips. My favorite among those dips were the mint jelly (which I paired up with the steak this time, along with a bit of herb sea salt – marvelous combo) and mango chutney.

A bowl of vegetable soup and several pieces of lechon skin.

Salad, and another one of dad’s soups.

And finally, an assortment of mini cakes/brownies for dessert, which I unfortunately could not finish since I was already stuffed at this point.

I could barely move after my lunch! Hooray! (sarcasm) -_- But I think everything was worth it. Just be prepared to shell out a couple more bucks if you’re planning to eat here during the holidays.

7 Corners Buffet is located at Crowne Plaza Manila, Ortigas Avenue Corner, Asian Development Bank Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City. Tel no: (02) 633 7222. Links: Facebook.


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