Savor Filipino Cuisine

We decided to have lunch at this Filipino restaurant after dad’s checkup. There were other kinds of restaurants found in the area, but I ended up picking this one since I wanted to eat some Filipino food at that time.

The interior was… Plain, and the whole ambiance was so awfully quiet since there weren’t many customers coming in.

Menu: Appetizer (cowboy sisig, krispy sisig), Soup (KBL, munggo sabaw sosyal, pancit molo), Chicken (grilled LA chicken, roasted cocomilk chicken, chicken fried adobo, krispy pitaw), Pork (sa pula sa puti, Cabanatuan longanisa, krispy pork binagoongan, dinuguan, humba), Beef (chichos, beef caldereta), Seafood (tilapia sa bulsa, pusit tisay, crab & shrimp relleno, Spanish-style bangus belly sardines, shrimp ala pobre), Noodles/Pasta (fried efuven, smoked sardine efuven), Vegetable/Salad (savor salad, gising gising), Rice and Dessert.

A bowl of Chorizo Rice, and a plate of Shrimp and Tortang Talong, which is a type of shrimp and pork eggplant omelette. I didn’t get to try this dish, even though I like tortang talong. I guess I just prefer the one that our family helper makes at home.

For our soup, we had the Chicken Binacol – A refreshing soup with coconut and hints of lemongrass and ginger.

My dish was the Inihaw na Liempo Duo – Liempo cooked in two different ways. The one on the left has this Soy and Vinegar flavor, while the one on the right was sweeter and tangier, since it’s flavored with BBQ sauce. Both versions were tasty, but nothing special. Oh, and the layer of fat was just a little bit too thick.

The food was just alright, but personally, I thought the ambiance was so lonely that I can’t really imagine myself coming back here. Meh. I’m sure other people will think otherwise, though… So I would still recommend this restaurant if you love Filipino cuisine.

Ambiance/Interior: 2/5
Staff/Service: 3/5
Food: 4/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Savor Filipino Cuisine is located at G/F Rockwell Business Center, Tower 2, Ortigas Ave San Antonio, Pasig City. Tel no: (02) 584-6642. Links: Facebook


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