B&P Just Like Home

B&P is a restaurant in Shaw Boulevard owned by the Cravings group. The restaurant got its name from owner Annie Guerrero’s two grandkids – Bea and Pia. This resto serves all-day breakfast food, mostly coming from Cravings restaurants plus the food served in B and P’s own household.

We had dinner here after a long, tiring day at a relative’s house, which left us all feeling hungry like wolves.

For some reason, mom wanted us to sit at the very back of the restaurant, so I wasn’t able to get a lot of interior pics (like their array of baked goods and the open kitchen T_T)

Menu: Omelettes & scrambles (mother’s inspiration, the Winston), Hall of fame (French pork chop, baby back ribs, knock out), Whipped it good (triple decker, pancake supreme), Sweetie me, Breakfast specialties (happy morning, salmon hash and eggs), Grandma’s get fit menu (yoga, zumba), Our chef’s table (primera tapa, don malutong, b&b, beach front, grandma’s pride), Get some grubs, Coolers & shakes.

A small plate of coleslaw for our appetizer.

Luzviminda – A bowl filled with garlic rice, scrambled eggs, tomato salsa, plus crispy danggit, Pampanga tocino, and Vigan longganisa.

B&B – Crispy Bonoan bangus with garlic rice and butter.

(These two Filipino dishes reminded me so much of dolsot bibimbap, probably because of the stone bowls.)

B&P Chick to Chick – Half-chicken simmered in herbs and spices, coated in buttermilk batter, then deep fried. This dish was served with two pieces of French toast, peppered gravy, and sour cream dip. The chicken was just amazing! It had the right amount of crispiness, and juiciness – And it goes really well with the gravy too. I was hoping that the French toast would neutralize some of the chicken’s rather doughy taste, but unfortunately, it tasted bland.

My drink was the refreshingly sour Strawberry Lemon Quench. I’m not usually a fan of sour drinks, but this was amazing. And it gets bonus points for the mason jar!!!

Fortune Cookies for dessert! This is what I got inside my cookie – Hopefully it’s true! *crosses fingers*

B&P’s food was just spectacular! I feel like I need to come back to this place since I still need to give their pancakes a try. Hehe. This place is a must-visit for those who love savory breakfasts (like me), and want to experience good comfort food, just like the ones that they’re used to back home.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5 (taste), 5/5 (presentation)

B&P Just Like Home is located at 515 Shaw Blvd Wack Wack, Mandaluyong. Tel no: (02) 631-3252. Links: Facebook.


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