Mee Noodle Bar & Restaurant

Mee is a restaurant located in one of Eastwood’s call center buildings. Back in the day, they used to have a branch found in Shangri-La, but I never got the chance to give them a try – But then my interest in wanting to try their food escalated once more when I saw their branch in Eastwood.

Judging from its name, Mee’s speciality is noodles – The owners of Mee are such noodle aficionados that they want to spread their love of eating and making noodles to people everywhere. Their menu lists down different types of noodle dishes from all across Asia, all made from fresh and natural ingredients.

Interior. There was actually an interview being filmed inside the restaurant – I believe it’s a show from GMA 7 (not sure which one, though).

Menu: Starters (smoked fish cigars, chicken satay skewers, vegetable spring rolls, green mango salad), Noodle Bar (kare-kare noodles, tantan ramen, Korean noodle, phad thai, mee goreng), Vegetable Lovers (Sarawak laksa), Rice Selection, Desserts, Drinks.

(Fun fact: This restaurant is the only place so far where the famous Filipino dish is served in noodle form).

Korean Beef Maki – Korean spiced tenderloin, mixed with sesame seeds wrapped in nori and Japanese rice. Eh, this wasn’t so bad, but the rice was a bit undercooked.

Sukiyaki, with the usual glass noodles, sliced beef and veggies. You can choose if you want this dish to be soup-based (we picked this option), or stir-fried. There were more noodles than soup, and it was so tough to chew on them too, probably because they were glass noodles. The beef pieces were also slightly tough.

Dad ordered the Shio Ramen – Japanese ramen with a soup base made from pork stock, with soy mixture and topped with thin slices of pork. I absolutely loved the thinness of the noodles, but… When I picked them up with my chopsticks to give them a try, they came out in soggy little clumps? ._. Noodles are supposed to be springy and shouldn’t stick to each other like glue! And just like the pieces of beef in the sukiyaki, the pork slices were tough as well.

Man… I’m sorry, but this whole meal was a disappointment. And this restaurant could’ve been great if they just improved the quality of their food/changed their location. T_T

Ambiance/Interior: 3/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 2.5/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Mee Noodle Bar & Restaurant is located at the Ground Level of LeGrand Tower 1, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. Links: Facebook


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