Potts Point

Potts Point is an Australian café located in Eastwood. Most of their dishes are organic, from the meat, to the fruits/veggies for their salads… Right down to the beans that they use for their coffee. The café got its name from a suburban area in Sydney which is famous for its restaurant and café scene. Potts Point combines the best of both worlds – Giving meticulous attention to both their food and coffee.

The interior just screams ‘coffee shop’. I also love the little selection of books that they have on display at the far right corner of the café.

Menu: Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Pasta, Entrees, Savory pies and sandwiches, Dessert, All day brekkie, Beverages.

Organic Roasted Chicken Fillet with Salsa Verde, Mango Cream, Garlic Yogurt Sauce, and Quinoa Red Rice Salad. We couldn’t have ordered this dish at a better time, since I just wrote an article about cooking quinoa for my job, hehe. This is my first time trying quinoa, and I now understand why this is considered as health food – It almost has the same consistency as rice, except it’s very light and you won’t feel very full afterwards. The chicken itself was juicy and had a peppery flavor.

Vietnamese Style Organic Slow-Roast Pork Belly, with Nuoc Cham and Pineapple Fried Rice. The pork was just absolutely tender. It goes really well with the sweet pineapple rice (actual rice this time).

Beer Battered Fish and Chips with House Made Tartar Sauce. I was slightly taken aback when the dish was served to me, because I was expecting it to look similar to the fish and chips served at Fish and Co. – A large piece of fillet with crispy/oily breading. The fish and potato wedges were still great though, even if the texture was slightly mushy. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that some parts of the fish were undercooked but I guess that’s how organic cuisine is supposed to be? I’m not really sure.

Our dessert: English Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream (I’m not even sure if I got the name correct >_<). A super moist dessert with yummy, cake-like texture drenched in toffee sauce and three small scoops of ice cream. The cold ice cream goes well with the warm pudding. And what I love about this dessert is that it’s not cloyingly sweet, even when bathed in toffee sauce. I really want to try their other desserts, like their pie and cookies!

I guess the only complaint that I have about this restaurant is that the servings were a tad small (but not THAT small) for the expensive price – Or maybe it’s just size of the plates that made the dishes look small, hehe. I guess this is how organic restaurants are supposed to be – They try not to make you feel too stuffed, and at the same time serve you healthy and home-grown meals. This is still a good restaurant, nonetheless.

Ambiance/Interior: 4/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5 (taste) 5/5 (presentation)

Potts Point Cafe is located at 2/F Eastwood Mall, Veranda, Orchard Rd Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Tel no: (02) 426-1635.


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