Hole in the Wall @ Century City Mall

(Hey, that rhymed! *coughs*)

Honestly this area was the last place I imagined myself visiting when I came to Century City Mall to do a review. I haven’t set foot here since I did my Caliburger review one year ago, and the place has somewhat changed just a little bit.

I could describe Hole in the Wall as somewhat like a fancier foodcourt – It is, literally, a hole-in-the-wall area – Once you step inside, you will be taken to a magical (for me, anyway) and surprisingly roomy space filled with all sorts of different food stalls. I tried my best to get a picture of each stall. I absolutely loved the diversity that they had in this place – No two stalls sell the same type of cuisine. Let’s start first with the places that we didn’t get to try out:

(Be warned: Lots of pictures coming up!)

Posporo, which specializes in Pinoy street food.

Spruce, for the health buffs (salad + cold-pressed juices).

Smoky Bastard, selling ginger ale and craft beer.

Phobobo – You can already tell what kind of food they sell from the stall’s name.

Liberation Shawarma, from the same people behind Sarsa.

The Beef – This stall was unfortunately closed when we came here, but I’m gonna assume that they sell (or will be selling) roast beef sandwiches?

And Tiny Duchess, if you want some eclairs for dessert.

So basically our goal that day was to buy/eat food from as many different stalls as we possibly could. Hehe.

Dad’s order came from Bad Bird – A stall that specializes in umami fried chicken and “dirty” rice. This is their Dirty Rice Plate, which comes with two pieces of chicken, “dirty” rice (made from bacon, chicken liver, egg and bonito flakes), and kimchi. The umami chicken itself definitely lives up to its name because it’s packed with a delicious savory and salty flavor.

His dessert was a little slice of soft and fluffy Japanese-style cheesecake from Green Cheese + Drip coffee.

Mom’s lunch was from Kwong’s Provisions. Their specialty is Chinese food. This is their Braised Short Ribs Rice Bowl, with some rice, veggies and peanuts on the side. The meat was soooooo tender, and practically melted in my mouth. She thinks it’s salty, though.

I had this extra large Pastrami Reuben sandwich from Mister Delicious. It came with a side of kamote chips. The pastrami is made from wagyu, which was a definite treat. Aside from the pastrami, the sandwich also had coleslaw, Russian dressing, and emmental cheese in between two slices of fresh rye bread.

Lastly, my dessert came in the form of three extra-large cookies from Scout’s Honor – Red Velvet Chocolate Chip, Thin Mint, and Samoa Dreams. I’m a huge cookie fiend, so I just couldn’t pass this up. Too bad I was already feeling a bit full, so I skipped the milk. Delicious, but I’m glad that they were served cold, because they crumbled easily when they got to room temperature.

I feel like Hole in the Wall deserves a second visit from me since, as I mentioned earlier, there’s still so many delicious food stalls that I want to buy from. It was such a great experience, overall. ^^

Hole in the Wall Food Hall is located at the fourth floor of Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City.


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