Hanako is a small restaurant whose origins can be traced to Paranaque. In fact, the branch that we visited (in SM Hypermart) is only their second branch outside of Paranaque (the other one being in Mandaluyong). As their name suggests, Hanako serves Japanese food.

Okay, to be honest, I have passed by Hanako a dozen times but I never considered doing a review for it until recently. I do remember one of my cousins telling me how spectacular the food was, so I finally tried out their chow when the family and I were running on a very tight schedule, thanks to work + other things.


Menu: Starters (kani salad, tofu steak, sukiyaki soup), Donburi (tofu steak, katsudon, gyudon), Entrees (kakiage, mixed tempura, crispy fish teriyaki, tonkatsu, torikatsu curry, katsu curry), Makis (spicy tuna crunch, salmon cream cheese, five star roll, ultimate dynamite roll), Sushi and sashimi (salmon sashimi, salmon sushi, tamago sashimi, tamago sushi), Dessert.

Ebi Tempura. The fried batter was lovely and crispy, and the shrimp tasted really clean. Reminded me of the huge and delicious pieces tempura served in Tokyo Tokyo and Teriyaki Boy.

Of course I had to try out their Gyoza. Hehe. The soysauce was slightly spicy, but I can handle my spicy food very well, so this wasn’t much of a problem. Surprisingly, the gyoza is actually one of Hanako’s bestsellers.

This is their chicken Katsu. I didn’t even know that this came with rice, so I was feeling slightly full afterward. >_< Anyway, the katsu was nice and perfectly cooked, but the skin kept falling off the meat.

Our maki was the delicious California Gunkan, with mangoes, eggs, fried salmon skin, tamago, cucumber, and shreds of kani. I wanted to try their Spicy Tuna Crunch, but I remembered that I had to share my maki with mom, who (still, apparently) dislikes spicy food. Fun fact: ‘Gunkan’ translates to ‘Battleship’ in Japanese.

And for dessert, we had the decadent Meiji Madness – A warm, moist, cake/pudding-like dessert with cold ice cream and chocolate shavings on the side. Heaven.

In my opinion, I think Hanako is the ideal restaurant – Cheap, yet the food served is simply amazing. This is a must-try if you’re on a tight budget and want to eat some good quality Japanese dishes.

Ambiance/Interior: 3.5/5
Staff/Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5 (taste), 3/5 (presentation)

Hanako is located at SM Supercenter Pasig, Eulogio Rodriguez Jr Ave Ugong, Pasig. Links: Facebook.


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